View Full Version : I want to hear a alarm sound when modem disconnects

09-08-2003, 04:33 AM
I have windows 98 and would like to create a sound event (or play a .wav by any other means) that will trigger when the modem disconnects.
To be used as a interupted download alarm

Have created CLOSE events via the registry for rnaapp & lights.exe (msinfo32 cant even see lights.exe when its running in sys tray !!!) and any .dll that open upon dialing but had no luck also tried using SYSTEMQUESTION with rnaapp (though not sure what systemquestion is) unfortunately this also failed

I know there are applications out there that act as alarms but would like to save disk space and resources and solve this without installing more programs can any one help.

Fresh ideas gratefully recieved.
p.s. please be gentle, though it may read like I know something about computers me newbie :-)