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02-08-2003, 10:45 PM
ok before (ages ago) any bad things happened to my computer when i opened a web page or anything program wise it was full size screen.... OK?

and then about the time of the power surge, my computer which has gone more than a little crazy on me decided all screens i open ... web pages and some programs are all tall and skinny not takeing up 1/2 of my screen and not in any particular spot (randomly moving around screen but always near bottom of the screen) and i had hunted for days looking for different settings to change it and couldnt..
i have not altered any settings cos i couldnt find anything i recognised as a screen page size... are ya with me?

so for a couple of weeks i have lived with it, and when i booted up and got on the net (about 20mins ago) its all back to full screen mode ?
which is really confusing the hell out of me...

but what i was wanting to know was if it reverts is their a box or setting i can alter or tick to bring back full screen mode for each page im looking at or not?

as i have not actually touched any of the settings for days, it syrprised me when it did open full screen, makes me wonder at all the strange things going on are not on remote control from inside my puter or elsewhere at times....

not a good feeling and being a newbie is not much help for this problem or fear going on... :D


02-08-2003, 11:49 PM
> not a good feeling and being a newbie is not much
> help for this problem or fear going on... :D

After 533 posts I think you have to think about not calling yourself a newbie :)

Try this:

Make sure no other windows are open. Open an Internet Explorer window (I'm assuming that's the program you're using). Look at the top right of that window at the three buttons. If the middle one looks like a square over another square, click it (so the window changes size and the middle button now just looks like one square).

Now right-click on an empty part of the task bar (the bar at the bottom of the screen with the Start button on it) and click either "Tile Windows Vertically" or "Tile Windows Horizontally" until the Window fills the whole screen.

Hold down CTRL and click the X at the top right corner of the IE window.

Now open IE again and this time click the middle button again so that you again see the two squares (one over the other). Repeat the step above of holding down CTRL and clicking the X.

Now when you open your browser it should be maximised, and if a new window opens that isn't maximised, it'll be close enough to it.

I hope this helps!


02-08-2003, 11:59 PM
and if im not a newbie exactly what am i?

as i dont feel like a computer geek by any means but i have learnt just a little more than a newbie then ?

the more i learn the more i realise i dont know much at all when it is computer related... what i now know is just drop in the ocean id say.....

and thanxs for that help ( i printed it for future refernce as well)