View Full Version : WFTWE #60...Apodysophilia...I tried, truly I did, but temptation won out...

Billy T
25-07-2003, 06:01 PM

A feverish desire to undress!

I decided it was probably unsafe for me to comment on this word, other than to say it remains unclear as to how one would differentiate an undresser from an undressee.

I initially thought the total lack of apparel, but then it occurred to me that the lack would very likely be mutual. At that point my brain exploded so I had to go have a little lie down.

Perhaps one of our closet Latin scholars might care to enlighten us.:8}


Billy 8-{) :D

[pre][b]Some words just cry out for greater exposure.:|

Murray P
25-07-2003, 06:13 PM
What expl...I mean are you sur.. umm.. where do you keep your brain Billy? I think you should go and have a wee chat with one of your elder's about certain things that I will not allude to here any further in case delicate, unsullied minds should get infected.

And I would have thought disrobe was a much nicer and more sensible word to use than un-dress, the thought of you taking off your dress Billy is not a pretty one :O, even though the dress may be so ;)

Cheers Murray ;P

Murray P
25-07-2003, 06:20 PM
Oh and we do not want people coming out of the closet on this forum thank you very much. Just because they are Latin does not excuse vile behaviour like enlightenment nor greater exposure.

Go and have that chat before you get any other queer ideas.

Cheers Murray ;P

25-07-2003, 07:17 PM
> At that point my brain exploded so
> I had to go have a little lie down.

Yes, it happens sooner or later in life doesnt it ;-)

Jen C
25-07-2003, 09:19 PM
Apodysophilia .... do you think this what happens to those people at sport games a.k.a streakers, when they suddenly leap out of their seats and rip their gear off ?:|

I wonder if Apodysophilia is defensible in court? :D

25-07-2003, 10:43 PM
If I ever get WFTWE #53, I am sure that I will also get WFTWE #60.

FTWE #53 Formication

An abnormal feeling like the sensation of ants crawling on your skin.:O

WFTWE #60 Apodysophilia

A feverish desire to undress.:8}


26-07-2003, 09:38 AM

This word made me laugh. I am not a latin scholar. LOL But over here in the United States, this word might be a great definition of a male stripper.


Billy T
26-07-2003, 05:58 PM

Apodysophiliac: either a male stripper with the hots, or perhaps one coming down with the flu.

I don't know much about male strippers Cher, and I'm not sure that I want to either, but as a group they are entitled to have their own occupational classification so how does Apodysopilamy sound? :8}

Whatever, if it made you laugh, it has served its purpose.


Billy 8-{) :D
[b][pre]exLL, I loved your juxtaposition of WFTWE #53
& WFTWE #60. That was sooooooooo clever. () () () () ()

27-07-2003, 11:30 AM
> Perhaps one of our closet Latin scholars might care to enlighten us.

It's Greek.
Going back to the root words, I see no reason why a liking for "stripping aside" should necessarily refer to doing it to oneself, to someone else, or to either. An apodysophile might easily remain fully clothed him/herself, while only stripping others.
In fact, the word contains no clear reference to clothes, so may equally well be applied to one of those DIY maniacs with an enthusiasm for stripping and repainting furniture :-)

Apo is "off" or "aside", as in the quote of the philosopher DodgyKnees to Alexander the Gross: "apo ton 'elion metasthetai" (stand out of the sun - replying to Alexander's offer to fulfil the philosopher's dearest wish). and "philia" is like, or desire (of course; there are lots of them - particuarly with sexual associations; and an equal number of "phobias" see: www.number-one-adult-sexual-health-terms-advisor.com/unusual.htm)
"Dys" is not the negative "dys" of "dysfunctional" and "dyspepsia" but "dusis" which has various meanings inclusing "stripping" (obviously its significance here) "immersion" (a search for "dusis" and particularly "katadusis" gets you lots of stuff on the orthodoxies of baptism); dusis is even Greek for "west" "Going down" (or "taking down" might be the common thread'). "Ecdysiast", a euphemism for "striptease performer", is the only "English" word I can think of using "dys" in the same sense.


Billy T
27-07-2003, 05:38 PM
Thanks Argus

How embarrassing, :8} not knowing Latin from Greek.

I blame the State School system of the mid 20th century that streamed me away from classical studies (possibly for the protection of those who might have appreciated those classes more than I would) me being a tech-head in those days and seeing little application for such arcane knowledge in the world of electronics.

It is truly wondrous the tortuous paths of knowledge that WFTWE can lead us down of a weekend, however knowledge aside, the cold technical analysis of apodysophilia is not as much fun as the WFTWE version.


Billy 8-{) :D