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24-07-2003, 10:18 PM
I've just been reading these 2 articles -
They are regarding the new wireless interent being relised by BCL and Telecom.
I was wondering, does anyone have any more details on this? Eg, speed, price, plans available, range, equipment needed etc.

24-07-2003, 10:38 PM
No doubt you have seen this but Telecoms latest on their own site is:

Wireless access is on its way
If you can't get JetStream through your phone line, Wireless JetStream may be an alternative for you. As the name suggests, it's transmitted from an aerial near where you live, and you need an antenna on your house. Attached to that is a box rather like a modem which in turn is connected to your computer.

Wireless JetStream will only be available with Xtra as your ISP. However, everything you need for the service will be charged as an all-inclusive fee, all on one bill from Telecom.

All you could assume at this stage is, it will be no cheaper (i.e.likely to be more expensive than) existing full rate broadband.

This is confirmed in your own link (the one that doesnt work) that says

"We haven't set pricing and the model itself yet. We'll be announcing that closer to the launch, I would expect." Irving does say pricing would "be in line" with JetStream pricing, although that is also expected to be revamped in the coming weeks.

Remember it will have a relatively low number of users to share every $$ spent on the new hardware, so the cost could be quite high. With ADSL the phone lines were already there. It required software and hardware at the exchange. In this case nothing is there, its all new.

25-07-2003, 08:31 AM
ok, thanks.
heres that link again.

25-07-2003, 08:32 AM
ok, it still doesn't work - its put a space in between the D and the 6, if you want to check out the article, just remove this space.