18-07-2003, 10:33 PM
What i day - its been full of PC troubles...
And this is the worst.
Anyway, I was trying to play a game, when my Pc just rebooted, it restarted - and as soon as it came into windows, it rebboted again. this happened 3 times.
a few tweaks in the BIOS brought no luck, also, booting in safe mode didn't even work.
I put in the WIn XP Pro (what I'm using) CD, and started for a repair of windows - only thing - this was crashing halfway through it.
I tried it about 3 times - no luck.
SO i went for a full install on top of what I had.
NOTE - my 60gb HDD is partitioned into a C drive (used for OS) an APPS drive, GAMES, and MUSIC/MOVIES drive.
I installed XP onto the C drive - overtop of my current installation.

Anyway, all's good now (well - its not rebboting) but i've lost most of my stuff - all of my games and apps are still there (though most need reistalling) but all my important stuff is gone (like all my messages in outlook express etc)

Firstly - IS there a way to recoever it all (like my start menu, my documnets, etc) Oh - I've treid system restore - but i can only go bakc to when I installed XP today

Or, if there isnt away, do you know how I can get anything back?? ( i mainly want my emails (old) in OE, and my address book.

I think I'd better shut my pc off - i've had nothing but trouble on it today...


18-07-2003, 11:36 PM
I think its safe to say your old messages in Outlook Express are gone. They would have been stored on the C drive in program files or somewhere in the \Windows directory. Hence they got wiped when you formatted.

Its always best to try a repair a few times - that doesn't delete anything, just re-installs the OS files and registry keys. But as that wasn't working I guess you had no choice.

What were you doing before the system restarted??

It is possible to recover the stuff that got deleted. For example if you needed to recover the nuclear launch codes or something ;). There might be some software that could do it. Your best bet is to find a data recovery expert in your city etc.

Next time you could try using Drive Image 2002 or Norton Ghost to backup your C drive every week. Then if windows dies, you just re-image and hardly anything is missing. Or you could use Roxio GoBack.

Either that, or install linux when windows dies. Mount the windows partition, and copy everything you might need (ie .mbx files) and the registry files (to avoid reinstalling everything).



Don't ever buy from the PC Company. Just like you wouldn't shop at the Warehouse if you were looking for good quality goods and service, same concept applies with the PC Company supermarket.

18-07-2003, 11:50 PM
I know it is not helpfull but don't let kids on your PC if it is critical and be carefull about installing games. If you have XP now you can basically quarantine the kids. Most troubles I have had with others PC's has been the kids. A couple of weeks ago I ran Ad-Aware on a PC and clocked 70 or so responses and today ran it again and got 30 and it wasn't the parents who caused it.

Patrick 2003
20-07-2003, 06:36 PM
you might wanna try those recovery programs like those ones if you emptied the recyle bin you can get those files back with that program
maybe this might work
good luck

20-07-2003, 06:52 PM
You can use a program called 'Get Back' it works wonders and can recover files that have been deleted formatted or even lost due to repartitioning. However you will need a Second hard drive in to set the temp file on as you cannot recover to the same drive that you are trying to recover the files from.

20-07-2003, 06:58 PM
Thanks guys.
I'll try a few of those things.

20-07-2003, 07:18 PM
They may still be there, except it will be under a different user number.
Try doing a search for inbox.dbx You may have to go into the search settings, "more advanced options" and tick "search system folders" and "search hidden files and folders" boxes.
You may find 2 locations with inbox.dbx. Then right click and choose properties, the one with the largest size shown ,will be the ones you require. Note the location and open Outlook Express, go File-import-messages-outlook express6 - import from OE6 store directory Then direct it to where you noted.
You can do the same for the address book by searching for *.wab

Paul JR
20-07-2003, 09:34 PM
Hi Fergi
I posted a similar problem to yourself a few weeks ago. I fully reinstalled win XP. I found a program called R-Studio. You can download the demo at their website. This program retrieved all my lost info from the past 2 years. The demo is free and will let you retrieve files up to 60kb. Also I retrieved all my outlook files which are stored as .dbx files. On my comp I had to enable (show hidden files). then went to : Documents & settings/My file(my name)/Local settings/Application data/ Help/Identities/(some long number)/microsoft/outlook express. And found all my .dbx & .wab files. As I got the full version of R-Studio I was able to retrieve 19meg of emails etc. I hope this is helpful. Paul