View Full Version : Leadtek TI4800 A280 VIVO Problem

18-07-2003, 10:09 PM

I'm trying to use my PC as a SKY TV Recorder, however when I have both the monitor (SAMSUNG 753dfx) and the video out (s-video) plugged in, my PC fails to load (Windows XP Pro SP1)... It shows the XP Logo etc... but restarts when it attempts to display the desktop. The PC eventually starts again after about 3 attempts when the video-out lead is unplugged.

I think it could be a problem with the default monitor or refresh rates but Iím not sure.

Recording TV via the Video-In works fine, however I have to manually configure the N-View Display properties to get the video out to display through my SONY receiver each time, due to the re-starting issues.

This isn't as important, but it would be nice to know if anyone could tell me how to display just the video via the TV out, and not on the PC monitor? The instructions for the card are fairly limited....

Many thanks

PC Specs:

CPU: XP2000+ 1.67GHZ
RAM 768MB PC2700
VGA: Leadtek A280 VIVO 128MB (TI4800 SE)
HD: 120GB Seagate 8MB CACHE
Monitor: SAMSUNG 753dfx