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16-07-2003, 03:25 PM
I use d to have the reminder feature operating - recently it has stopped . Can not see any obvious reason . CAn someone advise how to get it going again - thanks

Jen C
17-07-2003, 08:01 PM
Have a look in your startup list to see whether this option has been disabled from loading during startup.

To do this go Start > Run. Type in msconfig, click OK. Click on the startup tab and look for an item called Cal Reminder [calrem.exe]. Make sure there is a tick beside this item. Click Apply and then OK.

19-07-2003, 11:56 AM
Hello - Thank you for your reply.
Have done as you suggest only to find calrem.exe is not even in the startup . Whee to now please - Harold

19-07-2003, 12:08 PM
Have a look in the Calendar program's Tools or Options for an option to have the program load at Startup. If you cannot find anything to this effect do a search for the calrem.exe (or whatever it is) and place a shortcut to it in the Startup folder on your Start Menu.

22-07-2003, 04:11 PM
Hello again - I have found "wkcalrem.exe" and Pinned it to start menu - but still doesn't work. Is there something else ???- MAny thanks - hArold

Jen C
22-07-2003, 05:19 PM
You actually need to put a shortcut to wkcalrem.exe in the Startup Folder and not just pinned to the Start Menu.

I will assume you are using XP ...

1. Go back to where you found the original wkcalrem.exe and right click on it and this time select "Create Shortcut". Right click the newly created shortcut and select "Cut".

2. Then browse to C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\Start Menu\Programs\Startup. Open the Startup folder, right click and select "Paste". Your wkcalrem.exe shortcut should now be in the Startup folder.

Pinning the program to the Start Menu will not automatically load it when the computer boots up, but by placing the shortcut in the Startup folder should.

Let us know if this works.


25-07-2003, 04:12 PM
Hi - Tried this and set a reminder for today - Still not working - Is a reinstall going to do the job or should i go away and find another 'calendar' ? i think there are lots out there - ta again