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14-07-2003, 10:48 PM
Does anybody know if it is possibly to set up a dual boot system with Win 98, and Win XP using the Dell Win XP recovery cd.


14-07-2003, 11:10 PM
Not possible

15-07-2003, 01:04 AM
Well it just may be possible.

I would use the recovery CD to do a clean install of Win98 in the first place.

Then I would use Partition Magic to change partitions on the clean install and make a new partition or resize C: and D: to suit. You will have Win98 installed on the C: drive and can install WinXP on the D: drive. You can also buy another Hard drive and install that first and put WinXP on an extended partition in the new hard drive. WinXP will install on an Extended partition drive as it doesn't have quite the same limitations as to what cluster it installs at like over 1024.

I believe it can be done but you don't say why you want to do it.

I upgraded an Artec computer today for instance.

This had a 20 Gig hard drive in it. That drive was partitioned into C: and D:. 355 Megabytes for drive D: and the rest for Drive C:

Drive D: was a recovery partition and held the WinME setup and CAB files. I have changed the Case, Motherboard, CPU and RAM and also put in a new 60Gig hard drive.

I used a Win98 boot disk to FDISK ( Partition) the NEW 60Gig hard drive and also installed the OLD 20Gig hard drive in a removable tray to be used as a BACKUP drive. At this stage ALL info, documents, O/S WinME was on the OLD hard drive now as drive D: and I: I tried to install WinME of the I: partition and it was installed onto C: which was the NEW hard drive. Installed perfectly but didn't give me the option to select what parts of the O/S I wanted to install. Took the serial numer off the side of his case for WinME as was installed from his recovery partition. I got as far as rebooting in WinME after finding legacy hardware then got the message to press CTRL, ALT, DEL to restart WinME. I did that three of four times then realised that the O/S was probably keyed to the BIOS which of course I had changed.

I reformatted the C: drive and installed WinME again using my copy and his serial number off the side of the case as before.

He wanted a dual boot system as he had an Apaptec SCSI PCI card in the old computer and wants to run a Scanmaker 4 scanner and I couldn't say for sure that that card and scanner will work under WinXP. He HAS bought WinXP Pro and I have installed that on the D: drive.

Parts out of the OLD system I have put in include the Adaptec PCI card, Conexant 56K modem, CDRom drive, CDWriter and his OLD 20 Gig hard drive which is now FDISKED into ONE Partition and in a removable drive bay for BACKUP.

The new Seagate 60 Gig hard drive is patitioned as one primary C: 5 Gigs, containing WinMe and Photoshop 6. D: 20 Gigscontaining WinXP and all other applications like OfficeXP. E: is 20 Gigs containg my Docs and all things they want to keep. F: 10 Gigs is a scratch drive for Photoshop and what is left after formatting becomes the Windows swap file for WinXP.

The OLD 20Gig hard drive is removable and just used for backup of the E: drive.

I know this is a long post to answer your question but I think it can be done to dual boot on a Dell PC.

Depending on the size of the hard disk and depending if you want to add another hard disk and depending on whether you know about disk partioning etc.

You don't say what processor you have currently and you give no info about what printers, scanner and other hardware you have so therefore your mileage may vary.