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13-07-2003, 09:53 PM
Hey..just got a couple flatting questions i wanna ask u guys...

before i rented this place, there was 3 holes in the wall...all on the outside, but there one really small that goes right thru out to in...anyway..they said it would be fixed before i moved in, which was 1 week to do it...i moved, still hadnt been done, and its now 3 weeks..still hadnt been done...
What should i do about this?


i remember emailing here about tv aerial, anyway, i emailed people and they said the landlord is not wanting to look into it at the moment....is that good or bad?...is he allowed 2 do that?...
if ur wondering whats wrong wif it...i am only receiving tv 1 instead of all channels, and i know i am in reception as next door has all of them...like..next door as in "we share the wall but its 2 flats"..and i am using a temporary internal aerial just for another 3-4 days...
so what should i do about this too?

hope someone can help


13-07-2003, 10:38 PM
Re the TV aerial, my first question would be "is the Landlord even responsible to provide one?"

Its not necessarily the case that he is, as I assume he doesnt supply a TV set? Of course if you want to install one you need permission. The one there may have been installed by a previous tenant, or it may be a old UHF sky one (which probably wont get TV1) and is technically not the Landlords anyway.

Re the holes, you did the right thing identifying them at the beginning so they will not be attributable to you. Don't know what "small" means (its a subjective term) but are the holes compromising security or safety?

If they are routine maintenance then presumably they will be dealt with in the course if events. If they are a health/safety issue then they should be attended to swiftly.

Overall, you need to act reasonably, as does the Landlord in these matters. Having owned rental property I still cringe at the thought of those days, some tenants complaining loudly of a squeaking door, while others simply fixed the small stuff.
I know which tenants were the better ones....

13-07-2003, 10:49 PM
well, its not a sky aerial as i am getting tv 1 perfffffectly, but tv2 and 3..they are scrambled but sometimes clear and sometimes just completely nothing at all...i've been thinking of installing my own aerial but if hes not interested in looking at it, then i guess hes gonna say the same to a new one? and theres actually two aerials here..one for sky digital which is pointless for me, i tried using the aerial, it just nothing at all so i knew it was busted or need the decoder...and the other one which i using for tv1..is busted for other channels but yeah i dont know actually if the landlord is responsible...but i am feeling he is as when i requested for someone to look at it..this was the exact reply i got...in a email so yes its written...
************************************************** ********
Dear Chris
I have spoken with the owner and at this stage he is not prepared to do any thing about the aerial.

**name withheld**

************************************************** ********

the holes, well i can say it brings in more coldness than it probably would have with no holes, and i use the heater alot..and i;m asthmatic so cold nights dont do me good..also i'm concerned of my health since i been in hospital for 2 weeks before i moved...as i didnt look after myself with all the cold stuff around..
i was told it was 2 be done before i moved in.. 3weeks ago..so yeah...
also if it helps, i could email a pic of the holes to you 2morrow as i need 2 take a photo of it...

13-07-2003, 10:58 PM
The e-mail suggests the landlord accepts no responsibility for the TV aerial, and this would be quite normal in a lot of cases I imagine.

As there is a sky digital aerial (which will NOT work without a decoder) then its also likely that any other aerial could be a single band (older type) which will explain the lack of channels. Its not necessarily "busted", more likely just not able to receive the channels.

You would need to get permission to install one yourself, which would remain your property and you could take it when you moved. Not ideal admittedly, but unless you can come to an alternative arrangement......

13-07-2003, 11:08 PM
I belive you should have the hole atended to at once. Not only for your health, but will also avoid damage to the flat from mould ect in the long run. =)

13-07-2003, 11:11 PM
with TV aerials its catch 22. landlords aren't required to supply one and when they do they are often stolen by the tennants. on the tenant side it can be pointles as the aerial system may not work on the next house you move to. also some landlords don't like tennants attaching anything to the house.

13-07-2003, 11:13 PM
There are bound to be some lawyers who read this to could give you some sound advice but this is what I would do.

Firstly go look up, and familiarise yourself with your rights as a tenant. Having done this you may be able to answer both your questions yourself, but maybe not.

You do not say who ‘they’ are, but I am assuming they are agents of some sort for the landlord? If they are, you will have to deal through them, if not, then ask them to supply you with his/her name and contact address and go from there.

Well, assuming that the agreement to fix the holes was purely verbal, I would write to them referring to the conversation and remind them of their promise - keep a copy of your letter. You might even be able to quote your rights as tenant to them if that is appropriate.

As far as the aerial goes, having read the earlier thread, you did not seem certain what you required in order to receive the channels you want. Were you told you would be able to receive them when you moved in? Unless you were, then I should imagine they are not under any obligation to do anything about it. However, if you were told that such tv facilities were available, then I would include a written request for this to be put right in your letter. Or you might suggest to the agents a small reduction the rent in view of your facilities being less than were agreed upon when you moved in Or if have since discovered how to put it right with some extra switches and wires etc, simply contact the agents and ask for permission to do it yourself.

In any event, do it by letter and keep copies of everything. Good Luck.