View Full Version : Why Zone Alarm had to come back from the grave... My horror story and more!

13-07-2003, 09:41 PM
Okay, first things, I have still got to resolve this, so at the end, any advice would be greatly appreciated on getting rid of Zone Alarm!

Now, here's my horror story:

Ive never liked ZoneAlarm.. I just havent, its not been my fav of apps for a few reasons, but prejudices aside, I needed to figure out what app was dialling into the internet on its own.

So, installed Zone Alarm, played PinBall for 15 mins and VNC tries dialling up..
So, that was it., I was happy, ZoneAlarm had served its purpose, but I had to go out ASAP, so I left it installed.

Come the next day Im in my room and I see (Over rAdmin) that they're connected to the net.. so I try and bring up GAIM... doesnt connect.. browsing doesnt work.. neither does pinging PF1.

So I took control of the Gateway, killed ZA and was surfing fine!

This goes on for 5-6 days of me killing ZoneAlarm whenever I see it in the systray, usually coz I was in too much of a hurry to configure it.

So yesterday I decided to simply remove it.. Out connection is too slow for a hacker to really do anything IMHO anyways, and I simply cant be bothered with ZA.. I'd enable XP's one if I really wanted one!

So I remove it, and surf fine for that evening.

Shutdown the PC for the night, and come on this evening only to find it wont work!

After pinging the gateway successfully from my PC, I figure it must be a setting on the Gateway.... So I run up, check a few things.. ICS is still all go, and everything seems fine.
Ping PressF1 from the Gateway and that's all good... ping my desktop and it wont go through, coming up with Ping error 65!

Now this set of warning bells coz I'd connected Via VNC and Radmin.. done Filesharing and stuff before I came online and that was fine, so I was worried..

Check MS.com and its got to do with ZoneAlarm.

So I re-install it and close it immediately and Im back online.

Now, here's a few things:

Where did I go wrong removing the bugger?

And I've got Telnet enabled on the Gateway, so how can I load up RealVNC remotely when I wanna connect, so I can keep it closed when I dont want to use it so it cant try dialling in!?! Ive heard you can do it with TelNet, but dunno how!

Thanks, and sorry for the long babble ;-)



13-07-2003, 11:02 PM
unfortunatly sometimes ZA dosn't uninstall properly exspecially if its still running when you uninstall it. pays to disable it in startup, reboot and then uninstall it.

otherwise if the driver is still hooked into the os then you will need to break it out. find vsdata and remove it and cleanout any reg entries however i can't remeber if you need to reset tcp/ip or not. ZA has full instructions on their site.

13-07-2003, 11:45 PM
Yep, zone alarm still has itself in the somewhere. Something to do with Vector Star IIRC. I remember getting that error halfway through a LAN. I reinstalled windows and that fixed it up.

Can probably kill a service from starting though.

14-07-2003, 12:05 AM
Maybe RTFM is relevant (g). See post 4061 where Godfather points people to the Zonelabs site for how to uninstall the prog.

Terry Porritt
14-07-2003, 09:14 AM
Just another reason why not to be too enamoured of ZoneAlarm (even though before Kerio, I had used it exclusively). As has been mentioned by tweake and Tony ,uninstalling is not just a question of clicking in Add/Remove, there is a whole heap of Registry entries to check and to manually remove. It is very much a case of reading and printing off their instructions.