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effie C
13-07-2003, 10:18 AM
only curious though it may be- several years ago I had a 14 inch monitor- then I progressed to a 15 which substantially improved things- now when I measure as on a TV set I still read 14 inches from corner to corner- have I been ripped off?
Somewhere I remember a computer firm avertising in junk mail as a sic., "has 17 inch( readable 16 inches)" - does this tie in and are all measurements not quite as they seem?
And if it comes to that is a 17 inch screen worth an extra $200?
effie c

Susan B
13-07-2003, 10:51 AM
Hi Effie, :-)

Monitor screens are measured diagonally and the measurements also include the bits that are behind the plastic frame, that's why they also give the "viewable" measurement and that is the one that counts.

> And if it comes to that is a 17 inch screen worth an extra $200?

YES!!! Absolutely!

I have been using a 17 inch for over a year now and when I have to use the older computer with its 15 inch screen it is horrible!!! In fact it is so bad that it is on my list of goals to upgrade it one way or another. Preferably by getting a LCD monitor for this PC and doing a swap with the other computer so that it has this one and I have the 15" to run dual monitors. B-)