View Full Version : Lost half a CDRW!!!!

12-07-2003, 02:15 AM
Hi there! On 'a friends' machine ( :8} ) it appears that the CD-RW is now only a CD-ROM! And that's only in the BIOS!! ?:| It is recognised in the BIOS as only a CD-ROM and then on start up it recognises that it is an ATAPI 24X10. However, once in to Windows EggsPee there is no 'D' drive (the letter to which it should be and has been in the past) there!!! :O

Any ideas from the great wide yonder?


12-07-2003, 07:05 AM
Only that I had exactly the same experience. Lost the whole thing. D: letter disappeared off the map completely, then would reappear without warning, but - in the last days anyway - only as a read, not an RW drive. (I can't recall that being so when it first started happening, as it had disappeared totally and I just borrowed the external RW drive from my work machine. So when D: popped back into existence at first, I didn't bother to check whether it would write. In its last days it definitely wouldn't).
Like yours, it was an Atapi and under EggsPee.

Also, whether the drive was "there" or not, the drawer would have spates of opening and closing unprovoked. There are please for help about it in PressF1; try 'Argus' and 'CD'. A respondent here suggested that at least the drawer problem might be someone messing about by way of a a Trojan. As it happens, I discovered I'd had one (for about a day since my last virus check) but after I cleared it, the problem persisted.
I eventually took it to my local computer shop, which had a good deal on CDRW/DVD drives, and got it replaced/upgraded.
My local man - whom I trust as I might not the Local Big Company I got the machine from - said it was a hardware fault.
However, I still have the old drive, and One Day will fit it to another machine and see if it works, or if it was software fault or intrusion all along.


12-07-2003, 11:59 AM
I guess you might want to break it down into possible problems

IDE Cable Error [Check test with another]
Power Cable Error [Check test with another]
Test it outside of the usual O/S
It should show in the BIOS
Test it on another box or O/S for troubleshooting sake to determine if the CDRW or maybe the system is at fault.