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07-07-2003, 10:58 PM
win 98 Award Modula Bios V4.51pg 1984 86 PH 5400v R1.04 Pentium -S 200mhz 64k memory EDO

PC has been very good but last 2 weeks approx werdo things started. Seamed to get slower then come up with explorer fatal error etc System would lock up or reboot itself. I thought I have to do something Reformatted HD and started to reloaded win 98. Just after I keyed in the first 5 digit code it rebooted itself would not continue so reformatted this time when it got to installing files etc the words had odd letters replaced with a small box ha ha I thought a boot area bios. I wont list all but on another load it would run in safe mode and after 24 or so key strokes reboot. I used a boot editor etc, carried out a low level format then filled the drive with zero's formatted and reloaded. Reload went well But when I tried to set up modem etc had trouble. lefthand system window had no english in it at all just square box's. After zeroing out drive I received a warning to advise boot sector to be written yes no. Ran memory test 100% Have read lots on IF nasty toolbar post so wary of flashing bios. How can I check if I have a virus in my motherboard as I am unable to put PC on internet and I don't want to put any hardware into my other machine Any ideas where to next ?

Wrecker Jim
08-07-2003, 11:36 AM
First check all the fans are working (esp CPU) and clean the dust out of them. Then disable the BIOS virus protection - this is important to get Windows installed properly. Then boot using a known virus free, write protected boot disk and install Windows and the Motherboard drivers and Video drivers etc. I have never heard of a virus that can live on a motherboard or similar hardware - just the occasional one that can scramble the CMOS (BIOS) data.

09-07-2003, 03:07 PM
Thanks Wrecker Jim both comments on the button, PC up & running .

1 Virus was enabled in CMOS so turned off.

2 The pc fan was not running. I have a vertical box with a removable drive in it and the fan in it was running. Didnot even think to look at PC fan.

Should I turn the virus back on, or not? What does it actually do? does it stop writing to the boot sector or to the first 69 sectors on the HD?

Its an older motherboard but will check details re tremperature monitering

Thanks once again

Graham L
09-07-2003, 04:07 PM
Turn the BIOS virus detector back on. It looks for attempts to write to the boot sector of the hard disk. It's a good idea. It has protected me many times because I use lots of floppies (many of them with unknown histories) and there are a few nasty old-fashioned viruses on some of them. You probably aren't in the same position, but it's cheap protection, and well worth the price. :D

Wrecker Jim
09-07-2003, 04:27 PM
glad to help.
Yep, turn the virus check back on - it's no replacement for a full blown antivirus program - but every little helps. It does pay to turn it off whenever doing Windows updates or reloading Windows.