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05-07-2003, 11:38 AM
Is there a way to set Acr reader to open first time in a low %. When a file arrives and it is huge it is set to open at like 200% so slow as and sometimes freezes. Thanks.

05-07-2003, 12:51 PM
Go to Edit/ Preferences/Page Display/Magnification/ Default Zoom
Mine set to "Fit Width" in v6.0. Files open at percentage depending on your window size. You can change Default Zoom to other settings. Suggest experiment. Re speed of download this could be a slow modem or something else. Suggest you advise list, operating system, version of Acro Reader, modem speed, hard disk size and unused space, memory size plus anything else that you may think will help. Depending on your system it may pay to open Acro then go on line and then download the file. There is a setting in the Preferences called Fast Web View which can sometimes causes problems in earlier versions