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04-07-2003, 11:23 AM
I recently purchased a new HP 3570C scanner as a replacement for a KTX V-scan 2400 (SCSI) which had given good service. In what appears to have been a rash moment I thought the 3570 would provide slightly better resolution but more importantly it had the facility to copy direct to printer and to scan slides or film.

I am finding that the scanner is near useless due to its slow speed - it takes around 12 to 14 minutes to preview and scan a 6 x 4 photo and about 7 minutes to scan an A4 document. (using the bundled HP software which would seem to be essential to gain all the available function)

I contacted HP, who were of the opinion that my problem was 'System Resource' and that the solution would be to edit the 'startup' menu to remove any unnecessary loading. I have brought this down to bare bones with no visible effect - if anything the scan times went up.

The PC is a PII 400 with 128 MB memory and about 7 GB free on the HD.

Any recommendations?


04-07-2003, 11:47 AM
Looking at the specs, a normal full colour scan is about 23 seconds.
This suggests you have some serious problems, possible resource issues as you say.

The PII 400 processor would be one thought, its a bit low speed for the processing required perhaps.

I assume you are using Windows 98SE? If just Windows 98, then I wonder if its a USB driver issue?

04-07-2003, 01:27 PM
My guess is unlike your SCSI scanner the new one relies on the processor to do all the work (making it cheaper). My genius parallel port one is the same, its speed depends on the processor speed of the computer.

Try running system monitor (should be under system tools) while its scanning and look at the cpu usage.

Then again, a p400 isn't all that slow. What were the system requirements on the box?

06-07-2003, 05:45 PM
Thannkyou for your responses. I have reviewed 'System Monitor' and 'System Information' on a regular basis and neither of them give any indication of a problem except that the CPU activity does get to 100% at times when I would not have expected any activity. During scanning however it hasn't been getting anywhere near 100% on a consistent basis. The 'System Information' also has been showing no less than 68% of system resources free so I have tended to discount HP's contention that my problem is lack of 'System Resource'. I actually monitor both items on an ongoing basis through 'Norton Systems Doctor', however there is always the possibility that I am being mislead and these indicators do not mean what I have thought they do.

There is no CPU speed requirement listed on the box that the scanner came in - only 64 mb ram and windows 98 minimum.

For the benefit of 'Godfather' I am running basic windows 98.

I am interested in the comment re USB driver. How would I verify that?

My PC came with the operating system and a large amount of 'tools' type software encapsulated on a CD so although at one stage I reverted to reformating the HD and reloading the CD without any application software and then ran the HP software by itself to try to eliminate any possibility of conflict there was no improvment in performance. To my mind this was a good indicator that Systems Resource was not the issue.


06-07-2003, 07:37 PM
I bought a Hp psc1210 3 in 1 scanner copier and printer about a month ago and have had no probs. Takes about 20 secs to preview a 12 x 8 photo in highish res.
PC specs as follows P2, 128ram, 333mhz processor.
I take it you have reinstalled drivers?


07-07-2003, 10:03 AM
Hello mike, that's the second comment regarding Drivers. No, I have done nothing about drivers. Excuse my ignorance but what in particular should I be looking for? and where?

There has been a new development which I don't understand. A few odd things had been happening lately with this machine and it occurred to me yesterday that they dated from about the time that I installed the scanner software. My usual routine for shutting down is to go through the start menu but lately this has not worked directly. Each time I have had to wait for the 'End Task' error message to appear which was taking around a minute and seemed to suggest that something 'unknown' was working in the background. All other applications had already been shutdown. In addition to this I noticed that the indicator in Norton System Doctor for CPU activity was periodically going to 100% when no applications were running. No action that I was taking would bring it back to a low number.

Yesterday I decided to remove the scanner software and although that was not a trouble free process it has cleared all of the odd things that were happening and since that time I have not noted the CPU activity to be higher than expected relative to current activity.

I will shortly reinstall and then check to see if something is being loaded at 'Startup'.

Th software for reference is:-
HP scanjet 3500c series - PH photo & imaging software, version 1.0 for windows.