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02-07-2003, 12:25 PM
XP Pro,
MSI 6380 MB
2 x 512Mb PC2100 ram
SB Live with break out box
DVD and CD/RW drives
80Gb C drive and 60Gb secondary drive
430W PSU
Ultra satelite card, No jetstream available here.
Random lockups, no response to mouse, keyboard, Ctr+Alt+Del or main power switch. Reset switch still works. Not the old BSD of W98, this just freezes everything.
Temps seem OK, 47 degrees reported by bios, SiSoft Sandra reports no problems but 80 Gb drive is slower than 60 for some reason, strange, they're both 7200 rpm jobs but the 80 has 8Mb cache while the 60 has 2 Mb. Same brand, maxtor I think but the 80 is reported as being about half as fast as the 60. Ran a memory checker overnight-clean. Norton Internet Security reports nothing. Ran spybot, zilch except a load of MS infiltrators, left them alone (why does my mouse need to phone home?).
I've become aware of a slight click immediately before the lockup, there's a slight delay after doing something, maybe as simple as moving the mouse then a tiny click and the ice man cometh.
I suspect hardware but not sure where to look next, I built the system myself so I'm not worried about getting inside and poking around, can't find any loose connections so far.

02-07-2003, 12:53 PM
You could try unplugging things like the CD drives and floppy drive and try that for a start, also take out all cards, process of elimination.
Do you have a different mouse or keyboard to try ?
There is a program free on the net called Mem tester which you could try to test the memory sticks.
Maxtor also have a free utility to test their hard drives.
If all else fails take it to your local PC firm and get them to test your motherboard.
It definetly sounds like a hardware issue.

02-07-2003, 01:08 PM
Thanks, I've been doing the pull out and check thing, hard to identify what's going on though. Sometimes PC runs a couple of days without a freeze, then, like this morning it will freeze repeatedly. Ran Mem tester after fitting the second ram chip, OK, had locked up b4 that but subjectively more since adding ram. Why..it was cheap