View Full Version : Networking using notebook already in a domain?

27-06-2003, 10:48 AM
At work I use my Tosh Sat Pro (under WinXP Pro) as my workstation.
At night I take it home.

At home I also have a desktop (under Win XP Home).

I want to use an ethernet cable to network them. Desktop's Wizard ran and spat out a floppy with network.exe on it. BUT when I fed that into notebook it got snooty, saying "But I already belong to a domain!" and refused to proceed.

My goal is mere convenience: to share files without floppies, to share Internet and printer without replugging cables.

Can this be done?

PS: I have seen advertised a USB cable product that claims to do this but the company hasn't replied to my question seeking assurance (given the experience above.)

Graham L
27-06-2003, 11:36 AM
The problem might be with the XP Home. It was deliberately crippled for networking. :_|

I don't use XP, so my bliss is apparent. :D

I wonder if you could do it the other way ... make the laptop (with XP Pro) the senior partner in the home network. That will have the capability for "location"-dependent network configurations, and even XP Home ought to be able to handle a peering network. I hope. :D

Maybe this will provoke an answer from someone who knows.B-)

27-06-2003, 11:44 AM
The network cable connecting them has to be a crossover cable - otherwise, get a crossover adaptor or if you intend to expand, buy a switch
Make the XP Home machine a member of a workgroup which is the same name as your domain name at work
make a local user (eg home or a user on your home PC) in your work notebook
Make a user with the same name you created above on your home pc
You have to log in to your home PC as a member of the workgroup and then you can browse via network connections to the work PC
You have to share the folder that you want to view at home on the work PC for this to work
The ip addresses also have to be the same subnet - check the network FAQs if you have problems with this