View Full Version : Make Outlook override names

27-06-2003, 02:04 AM
Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone knew of a way to override peoples email addresses with their names from your contact list.

An example is I receive many emails from people that change their "From" name often, and it is becoming difficult to tell who the email is from. Is there a way that outlook (XP, by the way) can override the persons "From" name, and display the name you specify to the email address from your contact list?

I hope this is understandable!! Cheers!

27-06-2003, 08:22 AM
An interesting problem.

I can't see how you could make that happen. Problem with this issue is that if you reply to their email it appears in a different place in sent items to one you originate with your address book entry.
So the ones sent to Ethel Aardvark come way after the ones sent to Aardvark, Ethel when sorted into alphabetical order.

Anyone got any ideas?