View Full Version : CPU for a Dell Optiplex G1

24-06-2003, 03:36 PM
What sort of CPU can i use for Dell Optiplex G1,Slot-1 Motherboard Intel 440BX AGP Chipset.
I have tried a Intel 450 mhz with a fan but no heat sink,and got the error warning"Alert previous fan failure"
I asked Dell and they said" This message refers to the fact that your CPU fan may be operating out of normal specifications, and may need to be replaced
In the Dell Optiplex G1 manuel its shows a cpu with a heat sink plus fan on it,is this the cpu i have to use on it or can i use something else.
It dosent say was sort in the manuel.

24-06-2003, 04:09 PM
Hi awoof,

The G1 usually takes a PII 350 with a proprietry Dell heatsink and fan on it.
The Intel 440BX chipset can probably go up to PIII 1GHz with a 100 FSB, however it is unlikely that dell would offer the necessary BIOS upgrade to allow this. The CPU fan connector differs from the standard connector.
If you already have the correct heatsink you may be able to move it on to a generic new Slot 1 processor, though removing it involves a slightly brute force technique.

24-06-2003, 04:22 PM
My father has one running a P3-550, which is the fastest the board would handle.

The error might be because it doesn't like the fan on the heatsink. It may be reporting a speed that doesn't match the origional.