View Full Version : More RAM for a Dell Dimension 4300?

23-06-2003, 03:42 PM
I have a Dell Dimension 4300 - 1495 Mhz 384MB RAM have just purchased Pinnacle Studio 8 and as thought the PC is struggling so want to try more RAM before ditching this box and upgrading.
Know nothing about RAM so would appreciate it if anyone could advise details on what to buy also would then like to be able to transfer that RAM to a new PC if it all turns to custard.
Many thanks

23-06-2003, 05:27 PM
From info on net, you should be using SDRAM PC133. It is unlikely you could use SDRAM in a new machine as it has been superceded by DDR SDRAM (confusing isn't it?). I don't know how many "slots" your motherboard has, but it looks like at least 2 are filled ( 1x 256M and 1x 128M = 384M ) or 3 slots filled 3 x 128M = 384M.
Might be advisable, if you don't have your motherboard book, is to download a free program called aida32 from here (http://www.aida32.hu/aida-download.php?bit=32). and it can tell you how many slots there are and how many are used.
By the same token, you could remove the cover and have a look.
RAM comes in 128M 256M 512M (most common) "sticks" and then you can decide what to put in. Most would suggest a total of 512M as that is the max win95/98/ME will recognise.

23-06-2003, 06:54 PM
Thanks - really appreciate your help on this. It is now fairly obvious that if the extra RAM did not significantly improve performance - then would be wasting good money. Might now have a excuse to get myself a new box!