View Full Version : IE5 & Outlook Express 5

31-01-2000, 10:29 PM
I have two problems I have not been able to solve when using these programs, I run outlook express in the background and it goes in and checks for mail every 2 hrs, I have two dialup connections one to xtra and one to xtranet (VPN), I have the internet settings defaulting to the VPN and outlook dialing xtra, it changes the default setting for the internet to xtra when it dials up and I have to go back in and reset the default to the VPN, also IE5 does not ask to be disconnected, both these functions worked fine in IE4, wonder whether I should change back or hang on for an updated version with some patches or am I just not setting it up right, my work around at the moment is just to dial the VPN to get my email and the defaults don,t change and hope my staff remember to disconnect from xtranet when they are finished !!


Steve Rossiter