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19-06-2003, 11:11 PM
Hi all
I am using XP Home at the moment, but want to put ME on as well as my joystick won't work properly on xp but works OK with ME (tried a friends). Will this create more problems than it's worth or will it be OK. The ME OS will be stripped for game use only, which, by the way, is FS2002. The joystick is an original force feedback which MS don't support anymore and was originally for MS95/98. It seems the second series force feedback is not xp compatible either.

19-06-2003, 11:15 PM
in xp if you go into game controllers in the control panel and add a controller then select microsoft sidewinder(auto-detect) then you may find it correctly identifies your stick.

It does with my ffb steeringwheel,even though there are no available drivers for it from ms that suport xp,and according to ms my wheel is complety unsuported by xp.

Graham L
20-06-2003, 04:53 PM
You will have a few problems if you install ME over XP. That will clout the booting system for the XP. (Pistols at dawn, for the duelling operating systems :D).

It is fixable ... you can use the Recovery console to restore the XP strtup stuff ... and that sets up the dual boot for you. But I don't know the horrible details. Someone will know. :D (Consider the buck firmly passed). You can avoid that by doing a clean installation ... ME first, then XP. (Which is just a bit more radical repairing than just fixing the boot area. :D

20-06-2003, 05:36 PM
Thanks metla
Have done that. When calibrating stick, there are stray uncommanded button selections, and theres a constant pulsing through the force feedback, which isn't there on my friends computer. One thought, could the video card be causing the problem. I have a Winfast GF4 A170 SE. Does anyone have any thoughts on that.

Also, thanks Graham L. I think I will stay away from that option as it looks like it could easily turn to custard in a big way. Can still use the stick but have to leave the power off it and have had to disable a couple of buttons that were causing chaos when they randomly select themselves.