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14-06-2003, 01:02 AM
Ive just been looking at my total bandwidth (for no good reason really) & I Noticed that while downloading from Waste I am regularly getting 50% above my theoretical peak throughput for extended periods of time, & even stranger I am UPLOADING at peak throughput at the same time!

Im on a 256kb Connection so I should be limited to 32kb roughly.

All I can think of (& this is weak in my opinion) is that the port that Waste runs off isnt throttled like the P2P & IRC ports generally are... Or not monitored the same way?

Although that doesnt explain why im basically getting twice what I should out of my ISP...

Any Ideas?

WASTE_PUBLIC_KEY 20 1536 fgl
D647C5CD82D9044C7A7D111467493897B92D3A8A1CB42B5785 7138D6BF7D
BF173DAFC910B7B63B3C73009562B20887EEEBAEBDC20FB61A 8B4EF9C893
4789D63BD881CC56D09520947C47D1CF0CB0063A0550C4C045 476CCFEC39
886C9CB03B28F670A2C6DFB9FF087083C141317EA059E83224 D80EBC91FB
F125C6B201732C2219C624AE1DA3BFE65161ABE4B325F50E01 0084766B75
70027FDE84EBA968BB90D71C7DAD543F615DFBFA781C36800A 99472C1685

If anyone cares, & try looking here if your interested (http://www.nik.com.au/waste/)

14-06-2003, 01:18 AM
It's not too bad. Haven't mucked around with transferring files really, just did a small text file and left it at that. I wouldn't think that the ISP would be limiting port 1337 as of yet.

16-06-2003, 11:54 AM
Well its stopped downloading "too" fast. but I am still uploading at full speed at the same time I am downloading...