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merlin a
02-06-2003, 10:41 AM
Hi people,
A wee problem as such, HP Pavilion Win ME 15GB HDD Dual boot with Linux Mandrake 9.0.
Want to remove Linux. (And put on a seperate computer for the grand kids).
I reformatted the HDD hoping it would remove Linux and the other partition.
I have Linux on one partition and the other parition is divided in two, so that I could use one for files only.
The Reformat never got rid of Linux or the extra paritions. Is that the norm).

Anybody got a simple (easy) way to this wee problem. (for dummies)

According to the documention I downloaded of the net when I first installed Linux Mandrake 8.2, before MD 9.0 is you:

Delete all partitions on your HDD and replace them by a single FAT parition through Managing your Paritions.

2. Uninstall the bootloader (generally grub) from the Master Boot Record (MBR). To do so, boot under Dos and run the fdisk /mbr command.
If you have another OS, consult it's documentation to know how to do the same thing efficiently.

Now all that is fairly straight forward to those that understand such things, but I'm hopelessly lost.
Would I be better of getting some professional help.

I hope that this is a clear enough explaination. (ghezz my spelling cr*p).

cheers merlin nz ;-)

Terry Porritt
02-06-2003, 11:09 AM
Graham L has described a way of removing Linux partitions using a Linux boot disk, which I cant remember :) , but I have used the DOS version of PQMagic, called pqmagict.exe.

It can be downloaded from here (http://cis-download.njit.edu/tools/PQ/Powerquest/dipro%203.0/PQMAGIC/)

It will remove all non-DOS partitions, then you can re-partition and format in DOS from an ME boot disk utility.