View Full Version : Artec At3 Scanner and Winxp

02-06-2003, 09:19 AM

I Have an old but good Artec AT3 Scanner

I updated to winxp and of course no scanner driver available

I found a link that said To use the AT6 Driver and make sure that you use the not signed option when installing

I installed the scanner and it works OK

The Problem I have is when XP (professional) loads to a user
the system finds new hardware (AT3) and prompts me to load a driver
I cancel this and are then given another new hardware dialogue box
(I cancell this another 6 times) then it go's away

When I look in Device Manager
I find imaging devices
Artec AT3
and under that
7 listings for
Ultima AT3 SCSI Scanner Device
4 Have red crosses
3 have no crosses

I have tried deleting these but they keep coming back

Any ideas on how to solve this problem without having to resort to buying a new scanner

and of I have to buy a new scanner what is the flavour of the month