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sam m
01-06-2003, 03:33 PM
I was wondering if it was possible for me to use Telnet to connect my adsl connection to jetstreamgames. I am on XP on jetstream starter with a Nokia Ni500. I have asked numerous times how to connect with this and unfortunately I have not been able to do this. The reason being is that I don't have to enter a username and password when I connect to the internet. When I first got jetstream I was using ME and I was able to use the software to connect and at that point I did have to enter xxxxx.xadsl@xtra.co.nz and password. Since upgrading to XP the software is not compatible so I had to go to properties on the ethernet card and manually enter IP addresses and dns addresses for xtra. This connects me directly so each time I turn the computer and modem on then I am connected. While playing around I stumbled across Telnet and was able to do some checks and within that system I was able to view
my username.
I was thinking that if I knew what the dns settings were for jetstreamgames.co.nz and entered those in and then also connected via telnet I might be able to connect to jetstreamgames.

I did some searching via google (so please dont put "go to google") and did some research on telnet and my understanding is that is a way of connecting 2 computers together. The information online was very general and gave me a brief understanding of telnet but i would need more specific steps on how to make it connect.

Apologies if I am way off base but I cant think of any other way of connecting with my Nokia.


sam m

Graham L
01-06-2003, 03:46 PM
Telnet is a very old protocol. It is a "terminal emulator", which gives you a way to have a remote login to a computer. This was invented in the days when computers had "users", who used terminals --simple machines with a keyboard and a screen and a bit of logic (often a Z80 micro processor-- connected on with wires, using modems at each end if the distance was greater than the RS232 limit, or when using phone lines.

Telnet lets you do this through a network, or though a modem, or ... and it gives you the equivalent of a DOS session on a PC.

It needs a server running on the host computer. I doubt if a games host will have that running. You would also need an account on the OS, too. Just a password and password for a game might not be enough.

Basically it's a text protocol ... you can switch to special grahics modes if the emulation emulates a graphics terminal. I don't think you would play a (modern) game. Adventure, yes. :D

01-06-2003, 03:53 PM
While I don't use a Nokia router, my understanding is that the router will have its own IP address. (NOT the IP address of your ethernet adapter)

If you enter this address in Internet Explorer, you should then be able to change the log-in etc to access the games site at full speed.

I use a different router, but typing h ttp:// into the IE Address bar will give me full access to the router. Your IP will probably in the range of 192.x.x.x

I assume you will know the IP address of your router, can you confirm that you have tried this method?

01-06-2003, 03:54 PM
I believe your router IP address is

sam m
01-06-2003, 04:05 PM
thanks graham, to be honest I am way out of my depth here and from what you said it sounds like telnet will give me a very basic connection without online gaming capabilities. My reasoning is that if I could use telnet to enter the generic "user@jetstreamgames.co.nz" then I would be able to surf that site. I am not really interested in gaming more for downloading. When I saw my current username in Telnet then I thought I could use Telnet to connect as I do not have that option using the ni500 and XP.

Yes GF you are right about my router IP (geez your good) :D.
I am at work so I will give your suggestion a try tonight.


sam m

01-06-2003, 08:29 PM
You could telnet in to the router and do it that way if you want. The browser based way will probably be easier though.

Big John
01-06-2003, 08:41 PM
You should be able to access the router with IE. Simply enter the IP address where the router is. It is usually or something like that. You would need to find this out.
Once in you should be able to change the setting in the router. This should all be explained in the manual that came with your router.
I have a Dynalink and a Draytek so cannot give exact details on the nokia.

sam m
02-06-2003, 01:25 AM
I had a play but dont really think I got anywhere.
I tried entering in IE but infamous "page cannot be displayed" is all I get.
I ventured into telnet and played around there. At one stage I managed change the setting so that when I typed ppp 1 info it actually said that my login was user@jetstreamgames.co.nz Thinking that this was it I went surfing but nothing really changed. I think more research before I go there again.
Thanks for replies. I am trying to study the nokia userguide but it is way over my head. I think I might leave well enough alone until I get a knowledgeable visitor.

sam m

02-06-2003, 12:34 PM
Click Start...Run
Enter telnet

If prompted for a password, your manual that came with the router will probably say it is ni500; if that doesn't work try i500

You are in the command prompt mode for your router now.

I think the section you want from your manual is RFC2364 - PPP over ATM

To change the username the command goes something like

ppp 1 welogin username password
config save

I too had xp with one of these and had to learn how to do it with the telnet session; have fun, but its not very user friendly.

sam m
02-06-2003, 04:06 PM
Thanks TerryW,
Gave that a go. The telnet session went exactly as you said. I did that before but didn't restart. I tried restart this time, but then I couldn't get online at all. I understand that I should only be able to surf at www.jetstreamgames.co.nz but nothing happened. I have had to back track since that failed.

I have been wondering whether I would have to change the dns server addresses that I have set that go to / 3 for xtra? To get there I click on network icon in taskbar, properties, tcp/ip, properties but I would need to know what the dns settings were for jetstreamgames server is. This logic is purely my own logic and not based on any sort of formal computer training of which I have none.


sam m

Graham L
03-06-2003, 02:38 PM
All you need is a DNS server. :D Your ISP provider will have given you the addresses of a primary and a secondary server. Use those. Any request to any DNS server will either be answered immediately, or the DNS server will ask higher up the chain, then answer your request. It's very clever and it works.

If you know the IP address of a site, you can enter the "dotted quad", and not use the DNS system, giving the "human readable" name. That is how the Internet worked at first,: each host had to have a hosts file which had the name/IP address of every host on the network. That became too hard to administer (and the file became "fairly big"). So the DNS system was built.

If you have cached addresses (or a hosts file) , that can give problems. That information is used in preference to asking a DNS server, and if the information is wrong, it's wrong. :D

sam m
07-06-2003, 12:24 AM
well well well..........

while reading this (http://pressf1.pcworld.co.nz/thread.jsp?forum=1&thread=35762) thread I saw the post by metla, more specifically the link. I clicked on it and started the download and it started at 16KB/s, which is what I expect. Out of curiousity I followed the instructions by TerryW, then restarted the download and it worked!!! I downloaded 257MB in 20 minutes. What does confuse me is that I still could not surf at www.jetstramgames.co.nz. Also where do I go to find the downloads like the one I just had. I heard there are a few other games I can download at high speed.