View Full Version : I.E 6 encoding problem

bk T
01-06-2003, 01:39 AM
My IE is behaving a little strange lately; when I first launch IE after booting up my XP machine, it shows some unreadable text. I have to click the refresh button or go to View, Encoding to select the correct encoding, e.g, Chinese ... etc. in order to show the correct language text. I've checked the 'Auto-select' option, but apparently, it is not doing its job. It has no problem in displaying the correct text in English, though.

However, it works fine when I exit IE and then re-launch IE. It happens only when I restart Windows.

How do I correct the problem? I'm using XP Pro SP1, IE 6 SP1 with all the latest updates installed.


01-06-2003, 08:27 AM
I would suggest a few things:

Try clearing out the temp files, history incase something is corrupt in tools > internet options general. Also i would suggest reseting all settings in IE to default

Failing this perhaps you should try a repair of ie which is done probably in your case with start > [system for classic skin] > control panel > add/remove programs > microsoft internet explorer > remove > repair.

Beyond that keep trying on message boards, net searches or otherwise. I am not going to say i know the answer for sure... nothing i can see in my assessment is 100% sure; but a logical guess.