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31-05-2003, 07:04 PM
I recently got a Knoppix Linux disk from a friend. I tried to see how fast i could browse the internet with linux, so i tried dialing up with "kppp". Im not sure if this is the right software.

I typed in the phone number for my ISP and my account details and pressed dial. It started dialling and even started to log onto the network (similar to what happens with Windows). But suddenly it stops and tells me there is an error and im cut. Im not sure which error it is. But when i looked into "details" it said that it can't access these 2 log files. Did I do something wrong? I am not very familiar with linux. How should i get on the internet using Knoppix?

02-06-2003, 05:19 PM
I'm new to linux too, so this is most likely going to contain several inaccuracies...
Anyway, KPPP is (one of) the internet dialer's for Linux, and you were right to use this, however due to the nature of Knoppix (boot from CD and don't touch the HDD), you will find that error logs will not be much use to you as Knoppix cannot overwrite the files on the CDROM anyway... Another reason could be because Knoppix is designed as a "taste test" for Linux, and not really a dedicated Operating System so therefore all normally accessible features may be impared due to this. However, being unable to write error files would be a good place to start.

Another problem which may occur is that you have a modem which is only a WinModem - therefore only usable under Windows as only Windows theoretically supports it - Conexant modems and rockwell (can't remember, but Conexant is definately on the list) are known for making WinModems.

However, I would be surprised to find you getting remarkably different internet speeds just by using Knoppix or Linux, as the speed of your connection also is dependant on your phone line condition, if you use an extension lead and line noise. If you are receiving really bad connection speeds, then I would suggest you ring telecom and ask them to run a Line Test on your line to check it for faults