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31-05-2003, 04:43 PM
Brought a computer with me on my return home to NZ. It is from Canada/USA. I can not get the modem to get a dial tone. Is the wiring different here or does NZ use a different system of some sort? Any help or experience?

31-05-2003, 05:22 PM
modem should not be an issue. nz imports modem jus from there. other than u need a converter adaptor its a dod??

there are different plus ends for USA and NZ phone systems...

31-05-2003, 05:24 PM
diff plug ends i meant... ur electrical store should have the approp adaptors.

31-05-2003, 05:53 PM
check device manager making sure no errors re: the modem. drivers installed and working ok under device manager??

under ur dialer making sure u have selected the approp modem. sometimes if u reinstall drivers it may list more than one modem, the 2nd may be abbreviated as #2, #3 etc.. make sure on that list there;s not more than one if there is try selecting the other. this is one common mistake i have personally when i install the same device w/ a different driver.

control panel --> modem --> check diagnostics under that modem and see if the tone test runs ok. it does not need to be connected to phoneline. i believe..

Billy T
31-05-2003, 06:00 PM
Hi Escape

I assume you made the necessary adjustment on the PSU for our 230 volt system instead of the US 110 volt, and obviously you have dealt with the issue of power plug compatability or you wouldn't know you don't have a dial tone. So, the problem now relates to modem connection and setup.

For the connection you will need a modem lead with a plug compatable with the NZ phone socket. The modem/computer end is standard. I assume you already have this though as once again, you must have the modem connected to the phone to know there is no dial tone.

You need to post your computer type and OS for any serious help on connection set up, but start by looking at the regional settings and change to Australia/New Zealand. I can't help past that at the moment because I don't use dial-up myself but if you post more information I am sure one of our experts will be able to help.


Billy 8-{)

07-06-2003, 09:53 PM
thanks all for the help but of course it turns out to be something simple. All the phones I have had a reverse cable. I did not know there were two types here. Still can not log on but I think it may be a problem with slingshot who I am using. Will keep you posted.

07-06-2003, 10:01 PM
Check your regional settings for the modem. The dial tone in the USA and Canada is different to NZ which is why the modem may not think there is a dial tone.

07-06-2003, 11:48 PM
goto control panel--> modems -> choose your modem then --> properties--> diagnostics and query it..
see if u get results or not. i have jus tried it on mine and it can work when u are not connected to the internet. make sure the modem is working that is hardware and software in windows b4 u blame your ISP. jus nailing the issue down :)


08-06-2003, 07:49 PM
Thanks. I ran the diagnostics and every thing seems fine. I have a dial tone, can dial in and then get disconnected once the communication starts. The modem log is below. I'm not sure if my modem is sending the wrong signal or not but I am not getting a reply.

06-07-2003 19:55:10.22 - Motorola SM56 Fax Modem in use.
06-07-2003 19:55:10.22 - Modem type: Motorola SM56 Fax Modem
06-07-2003 19:55:10.22 - Modem inf path: C:\WINDOWS\DRIVERS\SMSERIAL.INF
06-07-2003 19:55:10.22 - Modem inf section: SM56_MODEM_INSTALL
06-07-2003 19:55:10.63 - 115200,N,8,1
06-07-2003 19:55:10.63 - 115200,N,8,1
06-07-2003 19:55:10.63 - Initializing modem.
06-07-2003 19:55:10.63 - Send: AT<cr>
06-07-2003 19:55:10.63 - Recv: AT<cr>
06-07-2003 19:55:10.68 - Recv: <cr><lf>OK<cr><lf>
06-07-2003 19:55:10.68 - Interpreted response: Ok
06-07-2003 19:55:10.68 - Send: AT&F&D2&C1V1S0=0E0<cr>
06-07-2003 19:55:10.71 - Recv: AT&F&D2&C1V1S0=0E0<cr>
06-07-2003 19:55:10.93 - Recv: <cr><lf>OK<cr><lf>
06-07-2003 19:55:10.93 - Interpreted response: Ok
06-07-2003 19:55:10.93 - Send: ATS7=15\T0M1\N0%C0\Q0*LS1X4<cr>
06-07-2003 19:55:11.28 - Recv: <cr><lf>OK<cr><lf>
06-07-2003 19:55:11.28 - Interpreted response: Ok
06-07-2003 19:55:11.31 - Dialing.
06-07-2003 19:55:11.31 - Send: ATDT#########<cr>
06-07-2003 19:55:36.46 - Recv: <no response>
06-07-2003 19:55:36.46 - WARNING: Unrecognized response. Retrying...

08-06-2003, 09:03 PM
check the settings u should have with your ISP.
my ISP uses the default settings - which is using the dialup wizard to make the settings. i have tried to change a few settings - the result i get is once its connected there;s no activity at all...

so check your ISP settings... i just checked slingshot for you. seems they not have the settings online. check ur manual or call them up... u can try the wizard first.