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30-05-2003, 02:23 PM
Hi there cybernauts!

I was just reading about Bad Sectors on HDD and the article distinguished between "soft" sectors and "hard" sectors. I was just wondering what the difference is, and is there anyway to determine if a bad sector is "soft" or "hard"?

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Rod J
30-05-2003, 03:05 PM
I'm not sure what the distinction would be in relation to hard drives. But in connection with old floppy disks there was such a thing as "hard" sectors. I remember using old 8 inch hard sectored floppy disks with a Compugraphic Editwriter phototypesetting machine. The disks had a ring of holes around the hub of the disk and these were markers for the OS to know where the sectors started and ended, as opposed to "soft" sectors which are invisible to us but are placed on the disk magnetically at the time it's formatted.

Hope this was helpful :-)

Billy T
31-05-2003, 02:53 PM
Hi Brian

It is a disk controller issue. Take a look Here (http://www.win.tue.nl/~aeb/linux/hdtypes/hdtypes-4.html) and you should find the answer to your query.


Billy 8-{)