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30-05-2003, 08:47 AM
Has anyone had experience or trouble with Partition Magic?
I installed ver. 6 (off a magazine disk, advertised as full working version) on my laptop, running Win 2000. Then I split the 10 gb HDD in half, created a partition for Win 2000 and a partition for Linux, with a Linux swap partition. Installed Libranet 2.8 and everything appeared to work until suddenly half the keys wouldn't work. Same on W2K partition as well. The problem got worse until I coudn't even use the Grub Boot Loader to get into Windows and I could only get as far as log in window for Linux as it wouldn't accept the letters of my log in name.
Anyway, to cut a long story short, I did a total reinstall of W2K and Linux without Partion Magic (this is after much trial and error including swapping HDD's between two laptops) and everything appears to be working fine.
Just interested in anyone else's experiences with Partition Magic as on the face of it, it seems a good product and not even sure if this was my problem.

Terry Porritt
30-05-2003, 09:00 AM
Most versions of PM that have been on free disks are usually just demos.

So even though that version is no longer current, I am surprised it is supposed to be a full version, it could be, but first thoughts would be to be suspicious of the magazine CD.

30-05-2003, 09:32 AM
Thanks Terry. It was on the April PC Authority. Limitations None! (it said).
The carrot dangled was the opportunity to upgrade to ver.8 at a special price, before 23 May (missed that) and it also stated that ver. 6 would not work with XP.

Jen C
30-05-2003, 11:45 AM
Hi jcr1

I have used that same PartitionMagic 6 off that magazine cover disk - it is the full working version, with the only limitation is that it doesn't work with XP (the current version 8 does).

It was used on a WinME system with no problems.

30-05-2003, 01:42 PM
I have Used PM 8 with no problems.
Got Win98/Me and Win2k/WinXP
It is an awesome piece of tool for multibooting and resizing partition.

30-05-2003, 01:51 PM
hmmm....i have used a few different versions of partition magic and devided up the harddrives on approx 25 machines.

Ive gotten so complacent with the program that ive stopped taking any precautions before using it.

After reading your story i may put a couple more failsafes in place before whipping the program out in the future...

30-05-2003, 05:12 PM
Oh, I agree.. Im a bit of a lazy bum when it comes to that stuff ;-)

You should really defrag/scandisk before you use PM, but in all honesty, I never have.. and I nearly lost the contents of my HDD twice due to that :(

Luckily, Knoppix saved the day ;-)

30-05-2003, 11:31 PM
I didn't really want to start an over reaction against PM, as I'm not sure it was the problem, but the evidence sure points that way. I had the laptop out tonight, ran it for a couple of hours on both os's, not a problem (no partition magic).
I must admit I'm a bit complacent when it comes to partitioning etc, as well.
Anyway, thanks for the replies

31-05-2003, 12:36 AM
I use versions 5 & 6 without any problems. Both work in Dos so it doesn't matter what systems you have. Creates Linux partitions OK.

Sometimes when there is a error, Partition Magic refuses to function.
If you boot it "pqmagic.exe /IPE" it will usually oblige.

31-05-2003, 01:18 AM
My dad used this the version from the PC Authority CD perfectly fine.

You do have to register to use it, but other than that, it's fully functional. Registration is free, obviously.

31-05-2003, 01:19 AM
you should have made those rescue floppy's ;)