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effie C
29-05-2003, 08:32 PM
A few days ago I wrote asking how to stop spyware especially relating to Gator / Trickler, This was literally removed en masse by Spy bot but would keep on trying to be re installed etc.
I ran yet another Spybot scan annd after it finished - I was able to drag down and thereby enlarge the spy bot window - and there was a button specifying what program I wanted to block
I had deleted everything from reg to history etc and no "find" search found either of these- BUT until I put that block button down and cleaned out any permit in Zonealarm ie trickler and Gator, it kept trying my patience.
Now-" peace in my time" - this block acts very like Windows message"block sender" - and for five days I have had nothing --praise be!!!!
effie c

29-05-2003, 08:39 PM
Hi effie

Good to hear youve solved the problem. Have you tried the Immunize button. It updates your immunity from time to time.

Cheers Murray P

effie C
29-05-2003, 08:55 PM
Hi Murray
I think in my excitement that was what I forgot to remember---- the name - yes I am sure that was it ----whoopeee!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope others use this Spy Bot - it sure picks up a few files, even routine ones that probably are harmless but I trash them anyway
effie c