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28-05-2003, 01:19 PM
Just been researching for webhosting in NZ and found that most hosts in NZ who offer unbelievable prices are due to the servers being hosted in the US. I've also found out that Bandwidth prices have come down over the years except, major ISP companies aren't willing to lower costs due to the 1000s of clients they have. So the pricing remains the same. I can't say this is true other than what I've received from some of the emails I've sent off to NZ Webhosts, but it does sound convincing.

Although in NZ it's still too much to be your own webhost unless you can afford the amount of bandwidth consumed. It's ruled my idea out of actually hosting my own webserver as it is still cheaper to get it hosted from a webhost. You may not have complete access to altering the system and having it setup as specific as you may need it which is a downer but they do still provide what is required at far less than what you would pay doing it yourself.

Should it matter if your host is not in NZ? Depending on your opinions, it could be related that you prefer National traffic but when looking at hosts in NZ you have to find out if they really do host them in NZ, the best bet is that if the price is high they are probably are hosted in NZ or they are offering a lot of things with their plans.

I look at it as if the host is in NZ, then you should have better support when problems occur and although the webhosts in NZ who host in the US say they can still offer you support it's hard to believe they could possibly fix problems in 24-48 hours. I'm still waiting on a US hosted server to install a MySQL database for me which has been 3 weeks now.

28-05-2003, 01:28 PM
I guess it depends on the content of your site, and your primary audience etc.

Are you planning on having more than 10 people browsing it at once, on a 24/7 basis?

Because, to be honest with you, You can have a good 6-7 people running of 128KBPS and not really know the difference if they're all on Dial-Up, or even JetStream Starter.

How large is each page going to be?
Under 100K including images?
Under 200K?

Working it out.. PressF1 ususally has people on it 24/7 Id say.. but to be honest, while you're sitting reading the theads, or writing a reply, you're not sucking up all of IDG's bandwidth now are you?

You may be fine trying to find a JetStream ISP who gives National data at 1/10th the cost of International...

There's a lot to factor in, but hosting the server yourself may truely be a viable option :-)

I'd be interested to know how much PressF1 pushes a month.. I know the connectin speed ;-)

You are quite right though, Internet is rather expensive.. too expensive to make it viable for most home users who use Dial-Up on only one PC so wouldnt really feel the difference if they're only chatting on MSN/ICQ etc.
But for somebody like myself, sharing a 26K (Currently connected at on 56K modem) between 3 PC's is a nightmare!

The pricing is coming down.. Ihug are doing nicely offering me free national bandwidth when I get onto JetStream Starter!

Cable internet is supposed to be going up to 256K very soon, and there are rumors that JetStream Starter is too with certain places.. but no solid evidence to back that up.



28-05-2003, 01:44 PM
The problem you may also find is that most ISP's will not allow servers been ran on Jetstream Starter packages...
And the major problem with using Jetstream is the fact that if your connection goes over it's limit you'll soon know about it... 500MB isn't really that much transfer - but like Chill said, it all comes down to how many people will use it and graphics sizes - which you could substitute a little quality for size to get the images down...


28-05-2003, 01:56 PM
Register direct offer web hosting for $100/year, they run their servers in Barbadoes Street Chch. I dont call that expensive hosting.

Telstra have no problem with me running ftp and web or any other servers through my cable modem.

Other than that, i agree, but with such a small population spread over such a distant land mass..... What should we expect???


28-05-2003, 02:02 PM
I've looked at 256Kbps as an option using Clear's Tempest 256K the only problem is I'm not within their area that provides that service so that ruled it out but it offers what I want, and the terms allow servers to be run on them. They give you a static IP as well. Would like Cable but who knows when that'll happen in Auckland. Looked at Wireless but the price seems as bad as when you first start out on Jetstream by buying all the needed equipment like modem and setup fees.

Jetstream Starter, although suitable for starting out and national is free, I'd use it for a server if it didn't infringe on their terms, they don't offer a static IP unless you are willing to pay for it. I don't quite understand Fullrate Jetstream as they offer you a limited amount of traffic but this is both International/National charged as traffic, which would suggest JS Starter the best option apart from being a tad bit slower.

I'm building the site locally off my own box and until I figure out what way I'll go whether I host it myself or pay someone else to host it, I haven't decided but I have to work out the yearly pricing of it all, There's other costs I have to consider, not only the bandwidth but also security certificates for an SSL server, Online Transactions cost and other things that I can't think of right now but will need to consider.

28-05-2003, 02:20 PM
I've spoken to Net24 which is Register Directs parent company, because Register Direct's $99/year maybe suitable for personal/small business as it doesn't offer you much along the lines of Dynamic Pages and Databases, as well as the small webspace of 10MB which is what you get with most ISPs on any High Speed Internet, and some Dial Ups.

If you take into account what you are being offered you may realise their are even cheaper Webhosts around who offer more, they do however provide excellent service with webhosting and support and would recommend them. http://www.registerdirect.co.nz/ for personal/small business.

28-05-2003, 06:56 PM
Yes hosting with servers based in the US is definitely a lot cheaper than hosting with NZ based servers. I use KiwiBloke (http://www.kiwibloke.com) for my hosting and they're well priced and work well. For NZ servers I know someone with Dotcoms Hosting (http://www.dotcoms.net.nz/) and he finds them very good.

You could always get telehousing/colocation hosting that way you can have the OS of your choice on the PC and can remotely control it. You can also go in and play with the server every now and again as well.

28-05-2003, 09:35 PM
Hi Kame Have a look at Kiwi Web Host (http://kiwiwebhost.co.nz/webhosting.htm) They might talk turkey somewhere between the 10MB for $52/yr and the 100MB $149/yr.

Cheers Murray P