View Full Version : Netware 4.1 IDE Hard drive limitation

17-01-2000, 01:55 PM
I have searched extensively to a solution to this problem and have found that Novell have a more than terrible support system in NZ. My problem is that I have installed a new server at work, and with it a new 18G IDE disk drive, however Netware only sees 8G of it and allocates that to the SYS volume. If I have a look at the Hot Fix parameters, it states that there is a DOS partition, a Netware partition (the 8G) and then 9G of 'free space'. Naturally I want to utilize this whole space and allocate it all to the creation of a new volume. How do I do this? I have installed all the latest patches, however no improvement is evident. I am new to this OS, and as I stated, I am finding it extremely difficult to find any support from anywhere.