View Full Version : Help - System Crashes

16-01-2000, 07:27 PM
After buying a new Pentium 11 about 7 months ago I continue to expeirence the system crashing. Today when I tried to connect today got a blue screen error message reading - 'A fatal exception (OE: Page Fault) has occurred at 0028: C9171bF1' pressed enter and same message but the last part read 0028: C916AEFC and then 0028: C916AF06 and then 0028: C916AF0E and then 0028: C9171C94 and then 0028: C9171CB3. At this stage I decided this could go on forever and shut the machine down. I find the computer needs optimising almost everyday. My Norton Win Doctor is consistently finding and repairing problems with invalid shortcuts and invalid registry entries. If anyone can help it would be hugely appreciated.
Thanks - Dave