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Billy T
24-05-2003, 03:51 PM
Hi Team

I want to partition the 20Gig Hdd on my Toshiba Portege 3490 into C:, D:, and E:. OS is Win 2000 Pro. Currently there is just C:, holding the OS, programs and data, so the new D: will be for data and E: will be to store Ghost backup images of C: & D:.

I scored a free copy of PM 6.0 from PC Authority's April cover CD and have loaded it onto my W2K desktop for a trial run. Installation was a bit unnerving, given that the registration process does not recognise New Zealand so now I live in Auckland, NSW! and there were several other more confusing peculiarities as well, but we won't go there.:|

The installation complications did nothing to create confidence in the program, so I intend to trial it by adding a partition to the second HDD on the W2K desktop, however I don't want to stuff that machine either.

Question is, are there any traps for young players that I should be aware of, and can I easily reverse/delete partitions created during my trials?


Billy 8-{) ?:| ?:|
[pre][b]I will RTFM before I start of course, but it is the
issues the manual doesn't tell you about that concern
me. Manual writers always seem to assume levels of
expertise and clairvoyance I don't seem to possess. :(

Dolby Digital
24-05-2003, 04:07 PM
I scored the same cd. I would suggest you create a boot disk (although I tried myself and it didn't work!) and then hopefully you have another machine you can boot from the floppy and see the partition information for that machine.

24-05-2003, 04:23 PM
ensure you back up any important data to cdr and if possible do a image backup of your C: drive.
I recommend drive image 2002 myself , then go ahead I also use partitiion magic 7 though I have 8 as well

Graham L
24-05-2003, 04:28 PM
It's user friendly and intuitive. It's software. How could anything go wrong? :D

24-05-2003, 05:13 PM
Definitely make the boot disks. They enable you to have more control when you boot from dos.

Even Partition Magic 5 can do that well!

Its nice and easy to use. I didn't even read a manual to use it (very easy). You just resize your main partition and make it smaller. Then create 2 more partitions with that now free space.

Oh and do a few defragments before you start, to get all the data to the start off the drive. No sense having Partition magic chop off and destroy some of your data that was at the end of the drive ay! :)

24-05-2003, 05:45 PM
I have used a number of different versions of PM for quite a large number of partitioning jobs and have never had a complete disaster. On odd occasions, the repartitioning task would not complete, but would always back out of the situation.

It is a good product - but do backup your data first.

Jen C
24-05-2003, 06:52 PM
Hi Billy

I have run PartitionMagic 6 (sourced from the same magazine cover disk) with no problems on my WinME machine. I found the registration straight forward and it seemed happy to let me live in Auckland, NZ (not NSW) - so I am not sure what you got up to with your registration process :p.

My OS originally hogged the entire C drive, but with PM6 I have now divided it up into 2 partitions, with WinME now reduced down from 20 gigs to 8 gig space. The D partition of 6 gigs is for data/backups and was formatted as FAT32 and I left the remainder of the drive space as unallocated. All this shuffling and resizing and creating partitions + formatting was done in one session with PM6 with no problems. The inferface of PM is user friendly and you get the opportunity to change your mind right up to the last minute when it will ask you for your final confirmation.

The actual process takes a bit of time once it has started but it all went without a hitch. I did have my WinME ghosted onto CD's prior to this as a back up.

If you want to have a trial run (to boost confidence levels), you can download the demo version of PartitionMagic 8 (about 20 MB's) which only lets you try all the functions and options but does not/cannot perform any of them when you hit the final GO. (This is what I did).


24-05-2003, 07:16 PM
i think you need to be especially careful if you're going to do any changing of file systems. i converted one old drive from fat32 to ntfs and there were cross linked file errors on the disk, now i can't access that drive. the data is there but i can't get to it. so for whatever you're going to do, make sure you do some hardcore scanning on your drive. use one of them disk doctor or whatever they're called things, like systemworks or whatever.

24-05-2003, 07:43 PM
If something goes wrong couldn't you just load one of your infamous backups on?

I'd be inclined to do a test first though on something that doesn't matter. Although partitioning at time of install is my preferred option.

24-05-2003, 09:49 PM
In all honesty, I think you'll be fine.

One thing I can recommend is this:
Defrag and Scandisk first!

I came across a lost cluster or something and it nearly lost me 4 gigs of MPG music video's, luckily Knoppix was able to save it across the LAN when (At the time) Win2K and XP couldnt even see the partition being resized (Shrunk by 100Megs to make room for Linux).

Hope this helps, let us know how you get on :-)



Billy T
24-05-2003, 10:28 PM
Hi Jen

My copy didn't offer NZ as an option in the drop-down menu and wouldn't accept no entry, later in the process it appeared to go through a complete installation then came right back to the serial number window and on clicking next, it went through another install process.

The option to make recovery disks during the install failed, but on the positive side, the time-limited option to download the recovery/rescue disks from the registration site was still working despite being a month past the cut-off date.

It was all a bit unnerving really, and I have never quite trusted givaway software for full use commercial products, IMLE there have always been catches designed to push you toward an early upgrade.


Billy 8-{)

Jen C
24-05-2003, 11:57 PM
>... later in the process it appeared to go through a complete
>installation then came right back to the serial number window and on clicking next, it went through another install process.

Yip mine did this as well, a bit confusing :D - I had visions of ending up with two copies of PM6 installed. I didn't bother to make a recovery disk as I have Nortons Utilities recovery disk as well as my fresh ghost image if everything went pear-shaped during the process.

> I have never quite trusted givaway software for full use commercial products, IMLE there have always been catches designed to push you toward an early upgrade.

The catch is version 6 won't work on Win XP. The interface on the version 8 demo I played with is much more polished with a few additional features which may tempt people.