View Full Version : Problem with Microsoft Office 2000

22-05-2003, 03:49 PM
I have a problem with MSWord 2000. I set font size to 12 and make it default. Nevertheless, each time I recover a letter from My Documents filed previously, it always turns up in font size 10. In addition, at the end of the document it gives a long list of properties of the document, like size and all sorts of information which is probably stored somewhere but should not be part of the document itself, each item occupying one line and there is often as much as a page or more of it. No matter how often I erase it and save it, it turns up again, each time the document is retrieved. To make it worse, last time I tried this procedure it erased the letter and kept the list! I have tried to unload Office 2000 altogether and reload it from the original disk. It makes no difference.