View Full Version : Game problems

13-01-2000, 11:08 PM
We are having a problem with loading games such as quake 2 demo, Age of kings, Close combat 3, croc.the loading screen appears and then computer justs stops loading and leaves us staring at the loading screen.Some times CTRL ALT DEL works and alows us to shut down the program but other times we have to manualy reset the computer.Also the close program box shows the AoK game twice even though i only started it once.It has only just started happening as all the games had been working perfectly before.I have reinstaled the programs and DX7 but it has not helped.i recently installed the homeworld demo off the web.but i dont think that caused the problem as the other programs stilled work with it present until Know.
The system is a cyrix 300
32mb ram
es 1698 sound card
and a trident 4mb 3D image Graphics card.and windows 95 version 4.00.950C