View Full Version : Shockwave Editting真

18-05-2003, 12:44 AM
Anyone know how to edit shockwave files? A program? I just want to cut like 2 minutes off the front of a downloaded .swf file.

18-05-2003, 12:48 AM
You really the .fla file then you can edit that and make the swf.

There may be third party editors available I'm not sure. I'd try googling.

18-05-2003, 12:57 AM
Tried that. but your post dosn't make much sence ^_^.

18-05-2003, 01:06 AM
The swf file that you have is the final product. When making a flash animation you do all the work in a .fla from that you can export the swf. Theoretically if you don't have the fla file you can't edit it.

I think there are probably ways around this but generally speaking you shouldn't be editing someone elses flash file which is what I think you're probably trying to do.

I would do a Google (http://www.google.co.nz/search?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&q=swf+decompile&btnG=Google+Search) that should bring up something which might be of help.

May be some other members know more about this.