View Full Version : Lotus Notes/Internet Explorer

21-10-1998, 04:00 PM
I have Lotus Notes (v 4.6) installed on my PC, which is mainly used as an email client on a LAN. I also have a direct phone line through a modem to my PC, which I use for web browsing and internet email.

Whenever I open Lotus Notes, it presents a dial-up connection dialog box and tries to connect through the internet. This is despite the settings being set to LAN as opposed to a modem connection.

The only way I can stop this happening is to change my Internet Explorer settings from 'Connect to the internet using a modem' to 'Connect to the internet using a local area network'. However, this is not correct and it means that I have to establish a dial-up connection first before I open Internet Explorer.

Is ther any way I can have the correct Internet Explorer setting and not have Lotus Notes attempt to establish a dial-up connection?