View Full Version : Lotus Smart Suite 97

10-01-2000, 10:37 AM
I installed parts of Lotus SmartSuite 97 - WordPro, because I wanted to use that, and Smart Center, Organiser and Freelance so that I could check out what they were about. Having checked them out I now want to delete them but cannot.
After going through the usual Control Panel/ Add/Remove/ process, selecting 'Lotus..' etc I come up with the following message in a box - 'Uninstall has detected one or more conflicting programs. You must terminate the following programs by pressing Ctrl/Alt/Delete and choosing 'End Task' before using uninstall: Ltsstart, SmartCenter97, Suitest.'

So I press Ctrl/Alt/Delete and get a message called 'Close Program' which warns me that pressing C/A/D again will restart my computer and offers me three buttons -'End task', 'Shut Down' and 'Cancel'.

Pressing 'End Task' brings me to a message called 'Lotus Uninstall' which tells me that 'The program is not responding. It may be busy, waiting for a response or may have stopped running. Click 'Cancel' to return to Windows. To close program immediately, click 'End Task. You will lose etc, etc'

And so I go around and around in circles and cannot get rid of these heavy programs that I do notwant.

My machine is a Unisys 486, running Windows 95. My system has slowed down somewhat over the past few months, so I don't want to carry ant more that I really can use.

I will appreciate any advise. Thank you.
Judith Harper