View Full Version : 'Hardware Acceleration' setting in 'Graphics' section of 'System'.

09-01-2000, 07:40 PM
I wrote the other day with problems with Microsoft games freezing, and hangs in safe mode and on shutdown.

I seem to have sorted out two of the three problems by formatting the disc and reinstalling eveything. I have sorted out the games however, by lowering the 'Hardware Acceleration' setting in the Graphics section of the System section.

My question is what exactly is this setting changing? Is it the acceleration of the 2D 3D video card I have or some other setting with the CPU?

I guess it is nothing to do with the Voodoo 2 card as the games that were freezing don't support this card.

Am I losing anything by having this lowered? Is lowering it some way for the system to compensate for a problem elsewhere?

System specs are IDT WinChip 2 3DNow 233, 4.3GB H/D; 64MB RAM; Windows 98;Creative Labs 3d Voodoo 2; S3 Virge video card; Asonic PCI sound card.


Darryl Lennane