View Full Version : missing export file

08-01-2000, 04:43 PM
After downlading a demo copy of electronic workbench and installing it, I cannot run the program due to the following error messages. 1st a dialogue box says that the exe program I'm trying to run 'MVHDLS.exe' is linked to missing export MFC42DLL:6453.
Closing this box shows another saying 'A device attached to the systemis not functioning. This happening with several programs I try to run. Doing a file search shows this file mfc42.dll in the windows/system folder. I have even tried replacing this one with the same file on my other computer but to no avail. Even more confusing was an Internet file search for this file. I found multiple copies of differing sizes. I'm running win95b on an AMDK6-11 400 with 64 Meg ram. Any idea's whats happening?????