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03-05-2003, 12:18 AM
Hi all. I am getting a adsl router in a couple of days and have a few questions about the setting up (using the window). Any help would be appreciated:

The router we are getting is a DSE ADSL 1149 Router. They are not out yet but the manual can be downloaded from the DSE website and I am looking through it wonder about things.

It says (form the TCP/IP Protocol for the Ethernet card in both computers) that you can set it so that it automatically get an IP adress. Then it says you can pick onr from to Then this stuff about "Subnet mask" and "Gateway". Can I not bother about that and make it do it automatically?

There is a option (which is strongly suggested) to change the password for (default is User: Admin Password: password). What is this password for? I know it ins't the ISP password so...

What is GUI?

" " WAN (I know it is Wide Area Network but if I have a LAN with only two computers do I need to worry about this at all?

What is G.DM +?

How do you set up/what is VC settings?

What is ATM??

I know these are proberly very easy question and there are alot of them but I really need to know. Just in case I am wasting your time, is there a web site where I can find out EVERTYTHING to do New Zealand (or ADSL in general) ADSL router set up?

Thank you for you time.


Murray P
03-05-2003, 12:54 AM
Have a look at the site below. There are plenty of links to follow too.

Don't worry too much about the setup, subnet mask, etc. The manual and disk that comes with router should tell you all you need to know and will be more NZ specific than the last 2 sites. Check them out though before your final decidion re router because they will give you a good indication of the specs you will require. Your ISP will have important setup info also. Are you installin yourself or getting a full install from the ISP/line company?

The logon and password is to access the routers settings and is done by browser (gui) so you want this secured from others. Your ISP password and username is entered via these settings. WAN settings is for the internet as opposed to Lan, these can be configured to share the internet through the router on the same line and account.

HTH Cheers Murray P




Murray P
03-05-2003, 12:59 AM
Hi again

Mention of checking sites re specs of router (above post) is to help with decision on router purchase and is only applicable if you are perhaps still thinking about your purchase. I haven't heard much about the DSE nor do I know who manufactures them (I assume they are rebranded for DSE) ones so can't comment on what they are like.

Cheers Murray P

03-05-2003, 01:00 AM
I am doing it myslef. Bying all the filters (4 of them) and the router/cables/plugs. Cutting the cost of setting up ADSL (its at $500+ now!!!! :|).

03-05-2003, 01:02 AM
Can you recomend an good (2-4 Ethernet prot) ADSL router then? I mean, I do not want to spend over $400 though.

03-05-2003, 01:08 AM
hi james.. to answer some of your questions:

>>It says (form the TCP/IP Protocol for the Ethernet card in both >>computers) that you can set it so that it automatically get an IP >>adress. Then it says you can pick onr from to >> Then this stuff about "Subnet mask" and "Gateway". >>Can I not bother about that and make it do it automatically?

this depends if your router has a built in DHCP server. If it does, then you can setup the DHCP server once, and the rest of your computers should fall in line (you'll have to set them to DHCP mode though).. otherwise it's not too hard to get them all talking together. Subnet mask is easy, just set it to Gateway is equally easy.. just set each of your computers to point to the gateway IP, in this case What happens then is when your computer looks for internet connectivity, it asks the gateway first.. it finds the defined gateway address and asks the gateway to retrieve whatever.. basically what you are doing is telling your computers to talk to your router to get internet traffic.

>>There is a option (which is strongly suggested) to change the
>>password for (default is User: Admin Password:
>>password). What is this password for? I know it ins't the ISP password so...

This is a password to the router itself. If someone from the outside were to access your router, they could take your ISP password, or change some settings on your router and thus affect your internet capability or freeload your internet account.

>>What is GUI?
Graphical User Interface. What you are using to view this is the win32/explorer GUI. If you open up command/cmd, you are looking at a DOS cli/NT cli (cli = command line interface)

In terms of routers, when they say gui, it means that you most likely control/configure your router through a browser such as IE or mozilla.. as apposed to cli-based routers where you have to open up cmd/terminal and control/configure it through telnet

>>" " WAN (I know it is Wide Area Network but if I have a LAN with only two computers do I need to worry about this at all?

The internet is basically one big WAN.. you shouldnt have to worry about this at all.. its only when you get to private wans such as work wans that you have to be concerned...

>>What is G.DM +?

It is one particular DSL method

>>How do you set up/what is VC settings?

I'm not sure.. you might be talking about the VCI/VPI settings which are set to 0/100 in NZ. Your router should come pre-configured for this, and if not, it should automatically pick these settings up when it synchronises with your local DSLAM

For more information.. read the following site:


especially look at the links page...there is a mailing list there with a url along the lines of unixathome or something... a search through their archives can pull up a lot of answers

Murray P
03-05-2003, 01:32 AM
Hi James

Iv'e got a Dynalink RTA210. It only has one ethernet port so I run it through an 8 port 10/100MB switch (rather than a hub, better). I'm totally satified by this setup and the router. It has pretty much everything the latest router have as far as features except the extra lan ports and wireless. The Nokia Ni500 and M1122/MW1122 seems to get good raps from those that use them but Nokia has shut its NZ operation so not sure where that goes from their re purchase and support. D-Link also have a good reputation. If you don't want wireless (WiFi) it might be considrabely cheaper to go with an external ethernet router/modem with a switch to connect your lan. It cost me about $280- for both. Use ethernet to connect rather than USB, don't dismiss the combo ethernet/usb routers though as there are some good one out there just don't connect via the USB option.

Check out some of the other posts by searching PF1 or post a new thread for others views if nobody picks up here.






HTH cheers Murray P

03-05-2003, 01:46 AM
Sorry but I can not find anything to help me on http://www.nzdsl.co.nz . Am I blind or what?!?!?

Murray P
03-05-2003, 01:56 AM
Hi James

For the ADSL mailing list go to the links page. There lots of info to be gleaned re NZ setup and issues. There's also the Howto page and if you scroll down the main page there is info on various routers. i found the helnig/wown site really helpfull for deciding what I needed and understanding sharing etc, (not that I have it nailed down :) when I setup not so long ago.

HTH off to get some shut eye now. Maybe whetu will post back re routers, etc. I think JM, Terry Porrit and JimB have a pretty good handle on these things as well.

Cheers Murray P

03-05-2003, 01:59 AM
Thanks for your help but if other people want to assist here, please do!

03-05-2003, 02:12 AM
basically what murray said... take a good long look around nzdsl and where it links to, and you can learn alot.

I'm very opinionated about dsl thanks to all my research and the fact that my father is a "telecommunications/data engineer" (pc name for phone guy) so basically I grew up hanging around telecom exchanges/contracting departments and had electronics theory and practicality pounded into my head.. I'm the only person I know who had mastered soldering by the age of 8 ;)


this thread has another of my poorly thought out early morning posts on the topic.. but i think all your questions here have been answered, or you have been directed on the course to answering the rest of your questions/even more questions.

If you do have any unanswered questions however, just post em here.. I'm sure myself or someone else will help you out