View Full Version : Macrons for Te Reo M‚ori

John H
01-05-2003, 10:28 AM
There was a discussion some time ago on this forum about the use of macrons for Te Reo M‚ori. Most of us who need to write macrons were using umlaut/diaeresis marks as a compromise, and these are not acceptable to many readers.

Microsoft NZ have released a NZ M‚ori keyboard for Windows 2000 and XP. You can find an outline of the software and a link to download here (http://www.microsoft.com/nz/hardware/keyboard/maori/default.aspx)

I understand from Karaitiana Taiuru that "the only minor issues are 1. that the keyboard is only Unicode - this means that many of you will not be able to use it unless you have the latest software and even then some non Microsoft software will not be compatible 2. You will have old documents using Maori fonts and ANSII macrons. 3. compatible spell checker."

I have been using it for a while, and it is very successful, even though it means using two key strokes to get the macron over each vowel i.e you have to hit the tilde key ~ first before the vowel. Still, that is better than the alternatives up until now.

The installation would not work for me (WinXP Pro/Office XP) if I downloaded the file from Microsoft and then opened it on the computer. However, it did work when I chose "Open" rather than "Save" in the download dialogue. Don't know why, don't care either as long as it works!

In previewing this message before posting, I noticed that the macrons show up on my monitor when I insert them, but do not display on PressF1. They do display properly in Office XP documents at least, and display in my email messages as well.