View Full Version : How to make win98 home networking

05-01-2000, 09:14 AM
My family currently has two computers(98&95) and would like to connect both of them to the internet. we only have one phoneline that we can use to connect over, and i try to connect both of them to the internet at once by planing on setting up a windows98 home networking (According to copy of win 98 book).

I already set up the two computers using NIC & coiax cable.
followed a wizard called the internet connection sharing wizard.
make sure that TCP/IP and CLIENT are install in both.but
i have faced following problems so please give me a solutions fot this.

computer 1(con to internet) computer 2
Comp Type win 98 win 95
IP Address : obtain automatically obtain automatically
Subnet Mask : - -
comp name : comp1 comp2
workgroup : map map
client : cliant for micrsoft network


Q.1 No network Neighborhood Icon found in comp1 desktop
So how can i add to desktop?

Q.2 I cannot shared anything in comp1 because no 'SHARE'
word in the menu.But comp2 can share that HDD

Q.3 Do i need to shared both HDD and comp1 printer in both

Q.4 How can i check connectivity in these two computers?

Q.5 I can find comp1 in comp2 by using FIND-> COMPUTERS but
not in Network Neighbrohood.When i click the Entir network
the error msg shows ' Unable to brows the network .Network is not accessiable'

Q.6 Can i use PING command to check communication if so how can i do?

Q.7 Please help me to make my network correctly