View Full Version : Can't download

30-04-2003, 06:52 AM
For some reason, any downloads I now make are getting corrupted. They used to work fine (I once downloaded a 167mb file over two nights (using getright)). Now, anything around 1mb+ gets corrupted. That is, compressed files have bad crcs or invalid compressed data, same for installers.

The trouble started when I installed updated drivers for my SwannSmart Turbo. I fiddled with the mtu settings, but no luck (they are more or less at what they were before). I have enabled things such as error corrections, and reinstalled the old drivers, but no luck.

I am on a bad country line, and only get connections of around 41333. However, it never used to cause trouble.

The only clue I can find of a problem, is in the modem log, whenever I do a download, it says I have so many serial overrun errors (anywhere from 10 to 200+).