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24-04-2003, 08:42 PM

I recently reinstalled win98se on a formatted hard drive and after installing the drivers for my hardware installed some shareware programmes (incredimail, kazaa and an image manager and viewer). I than installed the critical updates which included ie6. Now without warning the pointer will behave very erratically, jumping all over the screen and "right clicking" everything it passes over. Sometime it corrects itself sometimes it doesn't.

The mouse is a basic PS/2 and I had no problems with it prior to the reinstall.

I have tried switching off the hardware acceleration and reinstalling the drivers by removing the mouse from the hard ware profiles. I even renamed the files listed in the driver details (vmm32.vxd, msmouse.vxd and mouse.drv - that was fun). But that did not work.

Any suggestions or am i looking at another reinstall?



Murray P
24-04-2003, 09:24 PM

Check for viruses and malware. Could be a dirty or broken mouse, had something similar caused by a dodgy connection/switch in the mouse. Have you got a spare/borrowed to try.

What version of Kazaa did you install? the standard spyware infested one or KazaaLite? Try uninstalling the shareware and see if that makes a diff. If it does, reinstall one at time to see which one is causing the problem. Install std win drivers for mouse. Run Adaware or Spybot to rid yourself of the spyware, if any.


Murray P