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21-04-2003, 05:33 AM
Hi everyone,

I have decided to go for a Pentium 4 2.4GHz CPU, however am unsure of what motherboard would perform best with this CPU in mind?

The motherboard I am after will need to have Onboard sound, because I can not be bothered with a sound card. Or beit, I have not seen the need to use one?

Other than that, I don't know the differences between Asus and Gygabyte as these are the two Manufacturers im looking at.

Need onboard LAN, and plenty of room for upgrades. Upto 2g or 3g DDR ram and PC2700 333 compatible I guess...

Probably going to go for an intel chip, but Im stuck at which exactly which to go for.

Price is also important for me and will only be looking at spending between $200 and $300 for the board.

Can somone please help with the boards they are familiar with, that would run best with this CPU....


21-04-2003, 11:34 AM
Asus will be more $$ than Gigabyte. Both are good in my exp.
For price and features www.pricespy.co.nz
Don't worry most if not all would have builtin Sound.
onboard LAN - check again many are included too.
$200 u can sure get one with the intel chipset. prob only 4x AGP thou, 400 FSB. Allow $300-350 for a 8x AGP port wif faster FSB.

look for features it has, chipset, FSB speeds 400 is ok, 533/800 will be great :D
I would stay away from SIS, VIA and other dodgy chipsets.

Pete O\'Neil
21-04-2003, 07:05 PM
Stop!! dont buy a Intel based PC at the moment Intel has just released a new chipset, it has AGP 8x, Dual Channel DDR 400 and a 800Mhz FSB. these board look like there pretty solid and offer good preformance. They should hit our shores pretty soon so just hold out a couple weeks. Otherwise if you really want a good board tomorrow you could consider:

Abit BH7 (good if you want to overclock)
ASUS P4PE (my pesonal favourite, of the boards currently on the market)

ur best bet is to hold out for a few weeks and get a mobo with the new canterwood chipset

22-04-2003, 03:42 AM
Cheers for the replys!

Yes I have heard of the new chipsets comming out. As well as the AGP 8x, however isn't there always going to be new things comming out?

Also new FSB speeds of 800MHz...

This is what makes buying computers so difficult, you have to make your selections, based not only on; price, performance etc, but also on its compatibility with new developments. I actually have been kinda holding off these new motherboards to come out, but to be realistic I probably wont be able to afford them any how.

By the time the price does come down somthing new and more exciting may come out!!!

So I am probably going to have a look at somthing now that can support P4 2.4Ghz upto 3, poss AGP 8x, with 533/400 Mhz FSB. The intel chipset would seem the logical choice for a pentium CPU, but what motherboard?
Probably one of the Asus or Gigabyte brands????

Anyway Im just having problems because I know I need to buy somthing now but Im getting too fussy and don't want to waste money....

Thanx for the recommendation. I have looked into the ASUS P4PE, and I was considering it. What is it like in terms of compatibility, reliability etc?

You might also be able to tell me what 4mb flash rom is and also how does RAID work, is it like an extended IDE socket?

Thanks again for the help!

Pete O\'Neil
22-04-2003, 07:58 PM
the ASUS P4PE is defiantly a good board and well worth the money. Its going to be hard to find a P4 mobo with AGP 8x and most manufactuers primarily use Intel chipsets, there are defiantly mobos out there with it using SIS & VIA chipsets e.g SiS 648. Based on the chipsets avaliable currently i would consider the following boards:

Gigabyte GA-8PE800 (IntelŽ845PE Chipset)
Gigabyte GA-8SG800 (SiS 648 Chipset) *this board has AGP 8X
ASUS P4PE (IntelŽ845PE Chipset)
ABIT BH7 (IntelŽ845PE Chipset)

Sounds like you are quite keen on having AGP 8x, and from an upgrade point of view its a must, that would mean a board based on the SiS 648 chipset would be good. Do a google search with that and see wot sort of reviews you come back with. I would have no problems recommending a Gigabyte mobo, i have build with them before and have had no problems. But before you make a decision, have a look around to see wot is avaliable and wot sort of prices you are going to have to pay. Check out some manufactuers websites, look at the boards, compares features, then go to www.pricespy.co.nz and look for the best price.