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20-04-2003, 01:43 AM
Hi all you brilliant peeps out there...
(yeah I know don't say it)
Now problem is this..
I am running windows XP Home edition got the general gist of the comp basics I mean.
A friend wants me to download some music for him to either cd or floppy discs..
I have the media player 8 ,Real One Player
And something thats called Music Match all these on the comp I have a general handle on the Media Player and I think I can find the buttons to put the music onto the floppys and with a bit of messing around the CD's..
What I am interested in finding out is what programme PC World and it's users recommend is best to accomplish this feat and what web site is the best to find these things from ( I am assuming this is what MP 3's are called??). Music range from Rock n Roll to modern day stuff.
Any help you can give would be appreciated thank you:-)

20-04-2003, 04:26 AM
Firstly to download the music you are going to need a Peer to Peer app. I reccommend KazaaLite. Look around for a link for the "k++ edition" I think their main site is down. Install that and download whatever music you want. Go for 128kbs quality or better. The more people that have the file, the quicker it will be to download and more likely to be the genuine song.

Depending on what speed internet connection you have, downloading enough songs for a cd might take overnight to many days (56k).

Are you wanting the music to play in any cdplayer?? You can get about 18songs on a cd. Or are you wanting to store the songs in mp3 format on a cd. If you store in mp3 format on a cd, you can basically only play the music on a computer or in a newer car stereo system.

I recommend making an audio cd that will work in any cd-player. You do have a cd writer don't you?? Floppy disks just won't cut it. They cannot even hold one mp3. Get a cd-burner programme. Easy Cd Creator is pretty awsome. *cough* you may as well use kazaa for that as well. lol

I do not condone music or software piracy.

20-04-2003, 01:05 PM
Hi thanks for that I didn't know if you downloaded it from the net it was pirated..hmmmm don't like the sound of that don't want to get in trouble... (sound dum I know)...
Might tell him to go and buy the CD's....
Thanks again:-)